Follow BizEd’s Special Online Coverage of AACSB International’s Deans Conference

Tampa, FL, USABizEd Magazine (BizEd), the world’s leading publication within the management education industry, will provide for the first time special onsite coverage of AACSB International’s 2015 Dean’s Conference.

Beginning with pre-conference analysis, and continuing live throughout the Conference, the BizEd team will present a glimpse of what happens during this three-day event. Held February 8–10, 2015, the AACSB Dean’s Conference is considered the world’s largest, and most exclusive international forum for business school deans with more than 600 individuals, from nearly 50 countries expected to attend.

Featuring unique perspectives from business and academe, the conference will host more than 40 speakers, and will examine what academic institutions will look like in the next 10 to 20 years. In an era when dynamics are constantly changing, education leaders must adjust for today’s realities while making decisions that impact future strategies—all while considering ways management education should better meet the needs of business and an evolving society. Such decisions will impact the future of faculty, the future of leadership, and the future of learning.

By reporting and tweeting the latest news and updates, the BizEd team will highlight trending topics among conference experts and attendees, as the event focuses on what lies ahead for management education—and what that means for the future of work. Features of this coverage before, during, and after the Conference includes:

  • Pre and onsite Q&A interviews
  • Daily online updates during the event
  • Videos featuring attendee perspectives on key topics
  • Live tweets and post-event wrap up
  • Data and trend pieces from BizEd editors and management education leaders

In addition to the special coverage section on the BizEdMagazine website, join the conversation on Twitter. Follow @BizEdMag and @AACSB for engaging conversation about the future of business, the future of business schools, and the future of work.

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