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Education Membership Dues

Annual membership dues are effective July 1 to June 30 and are 3,960 USD per year. 

Please note that memberships starting between April - June are prorated to include membership dues for the following fiscal year. 

Month Joined
Prorated Dues
3,960 USD
3,630 USD
3,300 USD
2,970 USD
2,640 USD
2,310 USD
1,980 USD
1,650 USD
1,320 USD
4,950 USD
4,620 USD
4,290 USD

Membership Requirements

The applying collegiate institution offers at least one baccalaureate and/or graduate degree programs in business administration, management, or accounting.

Authorized to grant baccalaureate and/or graduate degree programs in business administration, management, or accounting by an appropriate governing body in its home country of operation. An “appropriate governing body” is defined as a governmental entity (or one authorized by a governmental entity) with authority to approve degrees offered by higher educational organizations (e.g., Ministry of Education); the institution must grant at least (1) degree(s) on their own or in partnership with an authorized institution. For USA schools this must be a regional accrediting organization granting institutional accreditation.

Membership in AACSB does not guarantee eligibility to enter the accreditation process. Accreditation policies govern entry into accreditation. 


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