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BizEd Covers Spanning from 2002 to 2020

BizEd Magazine: 2001 to 2020

BizEd was the brainchild of John Fernandes, then-CEO of AACSB, and Anne Graham, the magazine’s founding publisher and editor-in-chief. Graham envisioned BizEd as “the world’s leading source of authoritative information, ideas, and insights related to international management education.” Graham brought on Sharon Shinn and Tricia Bisoux as BizEd magazine’s day-to-day co-editors, who remained with the publication for 20 years, producing 113 print editions.

In BizEd’s inaugural issue, Gabriel Hawawini, then dean of INSEAD, noted that “the standard definition of business school as a place that you go to take courses is dying. In my view, it’s about creating a global knowledge and learning network that combines people, places, and technology for a lifetime.” In 2011, in BizEd’s 10th-anniversary issue, Fernandes wrote an essay titled “Big Questions.” In it, he wrote, “One school can’t do everything, but thousands can do anything. I see years of innovation ahead for management education, as schools overcome the industry’s biggest challenges.”

At the time these words were written, business schools were just beginning to address the ongoing climate crisis and the impact of emerging technologies, and they had yet to face unprecedented crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. But in their emphasis on the need for business schools to build communities of learners and address big challenges, both statements were incredibly prescient.

A New Era of Thought Leadership

The evolutions that were occurring in business and society meant that AACSB needed to reach a larger global audience of educators, business leaders, and learners—and do so in a more timely and sustainable way.

In January 2021, AACSB retired the print edition and transformed BizEd to a digital format, now called AACSB Insights. While the platform and delivery of AACSB's in-depth and inclusive content—which now includes articles, videos, reports, briefings, and data insights—has adapted to better serve readers and stakeholders, AACSB continues to fulfill its role as a thought leader in business education through actionable insights and global perspectives.

BizEd’s archives feature nearly two decades of insights, interviews, and in-depth articles. Its content provides a window into how business schools adapted and evolved during a transformative time in their history.

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