Business School Trends and Insights
Dive in to the world's most extensive business school database in an interactive tool for visualizing data and finding the insights you need.

For Business Schools: Compare overall budgets, faculty counts, and program counts based off data from all DataDirect surveys to see where your school stands among its peers, aspirants, and competitors. 

For Businesses: Use filter and search tools to compare business school budgets based on your custom school lists. 

For Business Schools: Should you offer a new program or redesign an existing one?

Powered by the BSQ Programs Module, compare applications, offers, entrants, and enrollments on a subset of programs you define. Start with the program search to build your list of programs based on geography, discipline, education level, accreditation status, and more. Then, use your program list to identify trends and conduct benchmarking to aid in your strategic planning.

For Businesses: Find business school programs that you can target with interactive filters based on level, discipline, geography, and more. 

For Business Schools: Filter by faculty rank, discipline, administrator job title, gender, hire year, and more, with a few clicks! Powered by the Staff Compensation & Demographics Survey (SCDS), explore anonymized data on faculty and administrator salaries, as well as demographic information about these personnel. 

For Businesses: Use this interactive tool to understand the salary levels of business school faculty and administrators. 

For Business Schools: Filter and visualize the data you need, for school and program enrollments! Compare 5 years of enrollment and application data by education level and gender for programs of your choosing. 

For Businesses: Compare enrollment trends to find opportunities for your recruitment strategy and product development, and discover shifts in a rapidly changing business education environment. 

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How Do Analytics Hub and DataDirect Compare?
Analytics Hub
Quick, easy data discovery, dashboard building and insights—in a click! 
Data visualizations and trends are built in to the system for easy insight identification. 
Available in select benchmarking tools. 
Accessible to all AACSB members. 
Select access is granted by your organization's official representative.
Build a custom list of schools to benchmark against a set of your peers on a variety of variables. 
Comprehensive and highly customizable report building tools. 
Input your school's data to complete AACSB surveys. 
Export raw data for additional analysis. 
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