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April 2023
B-School Leadership: The Business of Business Schools
Increasingly, stakeholders are scrutinizing the value of business education, and business schools are feeling pressured to find new ways forward—or become irrelevant. How can schools change their operations and offerings to demonstrate that business education is a worthwhile pursuit?
May 2023
HR and Recruiting: What Is Purpose-Driven Work?
Many of today's business graduates seek work at organizations whose values align with their own. Purpose drives their job search as much as, or more than, pay. How are companies responding to this demand, and are business schools adequately preparing learners with realistic expectations for a career?
June 2023
DEIB: Competencies for Cultural Intelligence
Tomorrow's business leaders need to be able to work with and manage employees with highly diverse backgrounds. How can business schools help learners develop the mindset needed to effectively connect with those whose cultural values and beliefs differ from their own?
July 2023
Career Pathways: Jobs of the Future
From disruptive technologies like AI to calls for greater societal impact to a hastened shift into cyberspace, business is experiencing unprecedented change. How are these realities manifesting in the job market, and what competencies will learners need to thrive in it?
August 2023
Societal Impact: Entrepreneurial Mindset
How can business schools create innovation ecosystems that help existing and aspiring business leaders realize their business dreams, while positively impacting society?
September 2023
Learning and Development: Timely Curriculum and Credentials
As the shelf life of certain skills continues to shorten, how can business schools anticipate evolving business needs and expeditiously release learning solutions—for future and current leaders—that are of verifiable quality?
October 2023
Accreditation: Knowledge (Co)Creation
How are business schools redefining research priorities that attract, empower, and reward faculty whose scholarship addresses society’s pressing challenges and results in actionable insights that advance industries?
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