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October 2022
Societal Impact: Creating Systemic Change
As business school leaders grapple with disruptions to traditional educational experiences and prepare for the future of work, how can they realign processes and programs to create positive societal impact?
November 2022
B-School Leadership: Elevating and Empowering Faculty
Today's business school faculty are being asked to produce more timely and impactful research, to update their skills, and to actively lead in their communities. How are schools supporting these new demands?
December 2022
Diversity and Inclusion: The Multigenerational Workforce
With four generations now in the workforce, how can business schools and businesses help ensure a harmonious existence among people with diverse perspectives, experiences, and expectations?
January 2023
Future of Work: Hybrid as the New Normal
With many organizations maintaining at least partially remote operations post-pandemic, what best practices in hybrid work can leaders facilitate regarding employee engagement, onboarding, collaboration, hiring, productivity monitoring, and more?
February 2023
Leadership: Leading Positive Societal Impact
An inherent quality of today's business leader is the ability to create societal impact. What does this quality look like in practice, and how can schools best prepare students for a reframing of business success that considers people, planet, and profit?
March 2023
Learning and Development: Meeting Employer Needs
With the need for organizations to upskill and reskill employees more regularly, and the market for learning opportunities ever expanding, how can business schools ensure they are providing learners at all stages with the skills they need to thrive?
April 2023
B-School Leadership: The Business of Business Schools
Increasingly, stakeholders are scrutinizing the value of business education, and business schools are feeling pressured to find new ways forward—or become irrelevant. How can schools change their operations and offerings to demonstrate that business education is a worthwhile pursuit?
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