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April 2022
Diversity and Inclusion: The State of DEIB Efforts Today
Many schools and organizations have worked strategically to build more inclusive environments. What impact has your school/organization seen so far? What boundaries have you encountered? What comes next?
May 2022
B-School Leadership: Teaching Leadership for the Future
The scientific approach to teaching leadership may no longer be serving business and society. How can schools incorporate elements of humanities, customize learning, and instill social responsibility in leadership teaching?
June 2022
Societal Impact: Helping Humanity
From delivering ethics education to providing humanitarian relief, how can business schools prepare future leaders to prioritize people over profits?
July 2022
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Embracing Diverse Perspectives
How we view the world and how we approach challenges can vary greatly based on our life experiences and disciplinary backgrounds. What are effective strategies for helping all members of the campus and local communities embrace diverse perspectives?
August 2022
B-School Leadership: Funding and Finance Innovations
As the pandemic continues to have adverse effects on tuition models, budgets, enrollments, and in-person donor engagement, how are business schools expanding their financial strategies?
September 2022
Accreditation: New Approaches to Engagement
How can business schools ensure engagement between the instructor and the learner in an ever-expanding set of educational modalities?
October 2022
Societal Impact: Creating Systemic Change
As business school leaders grapple with disruptions to traditional educational experiences and prepare for the future of work, how can they realign processes and programs to create positive societal impact?
November 2022
B-School Leadership: Elevating and Empowering Faculty
Today's business school faculty are being asked to produce more timely and impactful research, to update their skills, and to actively lead in their communities. How are schools supporting these new demands?
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