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AACSB Insights publishes articles on topics affecting business schools, higher education, and businesses globally. The following editorial themes guide our content production for each month.

The deadline to submit an article for each month is the beginning of the prior month. For example, a contributor interested in submitting an article for July publication would need to submit a draft for consideration by June 1.

January 2024
Leadership: Developing Societal Impact Leaders
The challenges facing business and society today require the attention of a new type of leader. How can business schools and organizations move from traditional views of leadership to more unconventional views that champion change, connection, and elevated consciousness?
February 2024
Future of Work: Balancing Technical Skills With Durable Skills
As organizations grapple with how to strategically integrate new technologies, like generative AI, into their operations, how can business schools prepare a talent pipeline equipped with the technical know-how needed in an increasingly digital workforce along with the durable skills needed for sustained career success?
March 2024
Accreditation: What Keeps Deans Up at Night?
From allocating budgets to ensuring learner success to demonstrating societal impact, and much more, today's deans are dealing with long-time issues but in a rapidly evolving business and higher education landscape. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities related to accreditation in 2024?
April 2024
B-School Leadership: Designing Business Schools of the Future
Today’s business school leaders are creating initiatives that will lead to a new, improved design for tomorrow’s schools. From AI to non-degree programs to experiential learning, what elements are you prioritizing as you prepare your business school for the future?
May 2024
Accreditation: Innovating the Curriculum
In recent years, we’ve seen unprecedented changes to the ways we work and learn. Accordingly, how are business schools innovating their curricula to ensure and measure learner success, prepare responsible future leaders, and address the ever-growing presence of emerging technologies like AI?
June 2024
Career Pathways: Avoiding AI Anxiety
The perception of an artificial intelligence takeover in the workforce has caused anxiety in many people—including students considering their future careers. How can business schools reframe AI as an enabler to be embraced rather than a threat to be feared?
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