Finance and Accounting for Higher Education Administrators

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Key factors for success for individuals in non-financial roles

Few business school administrators decide to go into administration because they want to participate in the budget process or work with the financial aspects of operating a department, college, and university. Being financially and budget savvy can help leaders advance their mission and vision, remaining competitive in an increasingly challenging higher education environment. Learn key takeaways in accounting and finance relevant to business education administration.

What's Inside:

  • Accounting Basics
  • Financial Statements
  • Performance Indicators
  • Budgeting

Earn Your Finance and Accounting Badge!

Complete the AACSB course: Finance and Accounting for Higher Education Administrators and its requirements to achieve a shareable badge to display your achievement.

In asynchronous learning and exercises, the course shares key components of accounting and finance that will help you make impactful decisions about creating or sunsetting programs, calculating the effectiveness of your fundraising or development efforts, estimated payoffs of new initiatives, and more.

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