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Monday, June 10, 2024
By Hannah Haynes
Photo: iStock/AzmanJaka
Discover b-school podcasts that offer insights from faculty, industry professionals, and students, enriching knowledge for current and future leaders.

Lifelong learners are constantly seeking new ways to stay informed, inspired, and ahead of the curve in a world overflowing with information. Enter the world of podcasts—a dynamic and versatile medium that brings listeners expert insights, research, and experiences. Whether during a commute, a workout, or a brain break, podcasts offer a deep dive into topics that matter most to current and future leaders’ growth.

Recently, Stephen Hillier, senior marketing manager at Nottingham Business School, initiated a discussion on the AACSB Member Forum titled "Do you have a business school podcast?" Business education leaders worldwide responded to the thread, highlighting their schools’ series.

Below is a selection of podcasts featuring research and expertise from faculty, industry knowledge from alums and community members, and perspectives on leadership from students and seasoned professionals.

Faculty Expertise

These podcasts exemplify how universities leverage faculty expertise to bridge the gap between academic research and practical business applications, offering valuable perspectives to students, professionals, and business enthusiasts alike.

  • Business Review and Innovative Business, Baylor University
    The Hankamer School of Business in Waco, Texas, offers two insightful podcasts that leverage faculty expertise to explore the intersection of academia and industry. Business Review delves into global and national business trends through rigorous research, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving business landscape. Meanwhile, Innovative Business highlights faculty research directly tied to industry applications, highlighting innovative solutions and practical implications for businesses today.

  • VSB Inspiring Minds Podcast, Villanova University
    At Villanova School of Business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the VSB Inspiring Minds Podcast stands out by featuring faculty interviews conducted by undergraduate students. This unique approach brings trending business topics to the forefront, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas between students and faculty. The show serves as an educational platform where academic expertise meets real-world business challenges, enriching the learning experience for all listeners.
  • International Business Today, Northeastern University
    Hosted by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business in Boston, Massachusetts, International Business Today caters to global business professionals and students aspiring to work in multinational organizations. This show offers a deep dive into the complexities of international business, guided by the expertise of Northeastern's faculty. Listeners gain useful perspectives on global markets, cross-cultural management, and strategies for succeeding in an interconnected world.
  • How the World WorksUniversity of California, Los Angeles
    UCLA’s Anderson School of Management features four podcasts. How the World Works with Warren Olney significantly contributes to the business discourse. This series focuses on UCLA faculty's groundbreaking research and its implications for the business world. Through engaging discussions led by broadcast journalist Warren Olney, listeners are introduced to innovative concepts and findings that shape the future of business.

Industry Insights

Students and professionals seeking to understand how universities are currently leveraging industry wisdom can gain practical knowledge from these podcasts. Through frank discussions of current trends and challenges, the following shows enrich the educational experience and showcase expert perspectives on business topics.

  • Sport Business Roundtable, Drexel University
    The LeBow College of Business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosts multiple podcasts, including the Sport Business Roundtable. This series features students as hosts who interview Drexel alumni and industry leaders in the business of sports. These discussions give listeners a greater understanding of the sports business world, emphasizing practical knowledge and real-world experiences from established professionals.
  • Sustainability at CMMUMahidol University
    Mahidol’s College of Management in Thailand offers Sustainability at CMMU, focusing on sustainable initiatives. This show welcomes industry representatives specializing in sustainability to give students practical tips and helpful insights. It is an essential resource for those interested in understanding and implementing sustainable business practices.
  • The After (Business) School Special, University of Saskatchewan
    The Edwards School of Business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, features The After (Business) School Special, which equips students with knowledge and experiences from business professionals and entrepreneurs since finishing their degrees. This podcast provides inspiring lessons and reflections on career development, industry challenges, and entrepreneurial journeys.
  • In Reality, New York Institute of Technology
    In Reality, a New York Tech podcast, showcases the expertise of leaders and entrepreneurs managing startups, multinational companies, and other business ventures. This series offers a platform for discussing strategies, challenges, and successes, providing listeners with actionable steps from experienced business leaders.
  • Innovation FuelUniversity Canada West
    In Vancouver, British Columbia, University Canada West hosts Innovation Fuel, a podcast featuring discussions and case studies on various business topics. This show highlights how companies stay agile and innovative, presenting real-world examples and expert commentary on maintaining a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing business environment.

Leadership Perspectives

Achieving success in the business world requires a clear understanding of leadership. These podcasts provide real-world examples from established leaders, covering topics from enhancing communication skills to learning from past decisions that can change the direction of organizations.

  • Business Leaders PodcastNottingham Trent University
    The Nottingham Business School in Nottingham, United Kingdom, highlights conversations on effective leadership through its Business Leaders Podcast. This series features discussions with prominent individuals from the school’s alumni community and business connections, offering critical takeaways on the principles and practices of successful leadership.
  • Voices of Future LeadersRamapo College of New Jersey
    The Voices of Future Leaders, hosted by the Anisfield School of Business in Mahwah, New Jersey, uses the show to showcase the features of MBA student perspectives on leadership capabilities and future workplace challenges. This show provides a platform for emerging business professionals to share their views and strategies, enriching the dialogue on leadership development and innovation.
  • On PrincipleWashington University in St. Louis
    The Olin Business School, located in St. Louis, Missouri, tells the stories of pivotal business decisions through its On Principle podcast. This series highlights the cause and effect of leadership choices, providing listeners with real-world examples of how critical decisions shape the trajectory of organizations.
  • Think Fast, Talk SmartStanford University
    Stanford University in California hosts several podcasts, including Think Fast, Talk Smart. This show features leaders from across the business school and campus sharing best practices for becoming authentic and engaging communicators. The series explores managing public speaking anxiety, effectively handling questions, and maintaining a positive reputation.

These podcasts underscore the importance of diverse leadership perspectives in business education, offering listeners a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from experienced leaders and emerging voices. Does your business school have a podcast? Join the conversation on the AACSB Exchange.

Hannah Haynes
Market Insights Analyst, AACSB International
The views expressed by contributors to AACSB Insights do not represent an official position of AACSB, unless clearly stated.
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