Business Schools Innovating for an Ever-Changing Business World

Representatives from AACSB's 2018 Innovations That Inspire class share what their schools are doing to push innovation and how it impacts the world around them.


Silvio Borrero Caldas: [00:13] Teaching skills on using state of-the-art technologies is not good enough in today's world where everything is changing so rapidly.

[00:24] The business context is dynamic, by definition. Beyond the essential skills that are expected from any business professional, we believe that developing competencies that help our students stay relevant, not only for today's business environment but for tomorrow's business environment, and to be ready to adapt to whatever happens—that's the real challenge. That's what we try to do. That's what has been driving our innovation efforts throughout the past years, for a decade or more.

Christian Schott: [01:00] We've been working on mapping the changes in society against innovation, so we're trying to stay close to what is happening in society. As a result, we've been creating new courses that link to this, and we've also set up a couple of chairs to foster research in particular areas. Those chairs are in partnership with private-sector players as well as public sector.

[01:27] Again, it's coming out of these drivers that we observe in society. As things change, we need to, of course, change with it and, ideally, innovate or even stay ahead of some of those changes.

Beate Baldwin: [01:39] What has changed is actually the pace of integrating innovation in our programs but also in the delivery. We have a brand new Dyson School of Engineering and Design, for example. In the business school, we have now new programs in business analytics or in climate change and investment.

[01:57] This is more content based in the executive education. We're having programs in fintech and AI in the banking sector. It's also delivery, so how do we deliver programs? We have a fully online MBA. We have a blended Executive MBA. It is becoming more and more innovations integrated directly in the programs.

Homer Erekson: [02:20] For us at TCU, we've really taken adaptive leadership as a really important part of what we do. We have a promise in the Neeley School. We say that we're committed to unleashing human potential with leadership at the core and innovation in our spirit.

[02:36] When we think about that, when I think about change management or adaptive leadership, a really important component of that is the soul. It's thinking about, what are the values that are driving business decision-making? As we've adapted our programs, as we've grown our programs, we've tried to keep that focus on being a values centered institution at the core of what we do.

[03:00] When we work with businesses, we also do that as well. We talk about values with our business partners, as well as our students. That's a core part of what we try to do.

Alfredas Chmielauskas: [03:11] Uncertainty, as they say, increases mostly due to the increasing pace of change and technology disruption, among other things. To deal with difficulties and challenges caused by this increasing uncertainty, both individuals and organizations have to learn certain new things.

[03:39] Learning those things usually are related to moving your attention from complicated to complex. The complex system means that it is described by many elements communicating among each other. There are many factors that are very difficult to analyze. Developing a complexity mindset probably is what is needed nowadays.

Christian Schott: [04:14] The fact that reality isn't that simple, it's very difficult to work through some of the inter relationships between economic factors, environmental factors, social factors, and council factors. Rather than giving them a case study to read as a book chapter, we take them into a virtual reality environment to experience it firsthand and then to really think about what all of this means and how they can put forward proposals of what they think is the right course of action.

Beate Baldwin: [04:43] I think that the pace will accelerate. Everything, all the innovations we see in other domains are indicating that. It's actually keeping up with this pace and really asking the right questions but also being able as a business school to innovate.

Filmed April 2018 at ICAM in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.