B-School Classes Are Becoming More Diverse. The Faculty, Not So Much

Media Coverage
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Bloomberg: AACSB data contributes to this article discussing racial and ethnic diversity in b-schools.


By Matthew Boyle

"Business schools can’t stop talking about diversity these days. Every institution, it seems, has issued thoughtful statements or disclosed ambitious plans around advancing racial equity. But when asked to disclose the diversity of their professors, an uncomfortable silence ensues.

Some simply don’t know. Others might know, but won’t say. A few skew the results by including visiting staff or lecturers in addition to the tenured and tenure-track faculty that really matter. When the numbers are available, they’re abysmal. Which raises the question: How can American B-schools prepare an increasingly diverse student body to succeed in an increasingly multicultural society with teachers who are anything but?"

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