18 Top AACSB Stories From 2018

18 Top AACSB Stories From 2018

The stories of 2018 took a stark look at where business education is today and, more important, where it must go tomorrow, which begins a new year with new opportunities.

The stories of 2018 took a stark look at where business education is today and, more important, where it must go tomorrow, which begins a new year with new opportunities. We have explored how the skills required for the modern workplace have created a need for lifelong learning; how data analytics has crept into all sectors of business and generated a niche for business programs; how business schools and businesses can re-envision research to better serve society; how digitization is changing the landscape of both the classroom and the office, demanding new proficiencies in workers; whether rankings in their traditional form are still an important trait of business school identity, and more.

Here is a recap of some of the stories and interviews from BizEd, the AACSB Blog, and the AACSB Explores video series that resonated most with our global audiences in 2018:

  1. Taking Measure of Experiential Learning
    Experiential learning is a fixture in most business school curricula, yet many schools struggle to measure outcomes in project-based courses. A recent survey highlight strategies that can help students reach new levels of learning.

  2. Learning in the Digital Age
    Lifelong learning will be the hallmark of the digital age. How can business schools prepare to educate tomorrow’s workforce?

  3. Business School Enrollment Trends: Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Programs
    The enrollment landscape among different types of programs at AACSB member institutions shows a diverse set of degree programs to meet individuals' lifelong learning needs.

  4. The End of Alumni? Reconsidering Students as Lifelong Learners
    With an increasing need for employees to continuously re-skill themselves to keep pace with changes in the workplace, it's essential that we stay engaged with learners to provide them with opportunities to help them throughout the lifetime of their careers.

  5. The Business Impact of Business Analytics
    Here's how a demand for analytics talent, supply of faculty expertise, and an ecosystem of interested businesses and research centers have come together to create business impact.

  6. The Moral Dilemma of Business Research
    The current business research model is unsustainable. That’s why it’s critical that schools realign their incentives to encourage faculty to produce credible research that is useful to society.

  7. Business Schools Innovating for an Ever-Changing Business World
    Representatives from AACSB's 2018 Innovations That Inspire class share what their schools are doing to push innovation and how it impacts the world around them.

  8. 5 Ways Business Schools Are Changing
    Social, technological, and geopolitical changes have caused business schools to change how they do everything—from delivering curriculum to conceptualizing business as a discipline.

  9. Can B-Schools Rethink Research?
    Six forces are pushing academia beyond traditional “publish or perish” measures of research impact. As these forces converge, will business schools rise to the challenge?

  10. Curriculum Revision for the 4th Industrial Revolution
    To produce leaders who can thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we need to encourage students to practice agility, risk-taking, self-motivation, and communication.

  11. Collaboration at Work: Data Science Impact Meets Economic Impact
    Michel Patry, director of HEC Montreal, talks with AACSB about a collaboration with IVADO that works toward creating data science research.

  12. Imagining a New MBA
    Business schools must take a new look at the MBA degree, whose strong past performance is absolutely no guarantee of its future success.

  13. Dare to Be First: Women Leadership in Business Education
    What does it take to be successful as a female dean? Former dean and current AACSB chief accreditation officer, Stephanie Bryant, offers three pieces of advice.

  14. Growing Global: The Business School Impact of Internationalization
    AACSB's Tim Mescon chats with Josep Franch Bullich of ESADE Business School on how internationalization and global movement is impacting business education today.

  15. Strategy Over Surrender in Business School Rankings
    When we take the rankings too literally, we demean the intelligence of the institution—and ultimately harm higher education.

  16. The Faculty Piece
    Making sure faculty align with AACSB standards is one critical component of the accreditation process. But there might be more flexibility in this requirement than school leaders realize.

  17. Business School Rankings: For Better or Worse?
    Editorial Consultant to Times Higher Education and The Wall Street Journal, Matt Symonds discusses the pros and cons of business school rankings.

  18. Experiential Learning in a Global Business World
    Dean Susan McTiernan of the Gabelli School of Business at Roger Williams University and AACSB talk about the need to invest in learning by experience in business schools.

We look forward to bringing you lots of new business education insights and perspectives in 2019!