Getting Engaged: AACSB Activity in 2016

Getting Engaged: AACSB Activity in 2016

Here's an infographic look back at ways members and others engaged with AACSB in 2016, allowing us to have more impact than ever before!

New year, new opportunities to engage with AACSB. We’re reaching more people and organizations than ever before, thanks to your volunteerism and engagement.

You’ve helped us achieve record participation in annual surveys, see tremendous growth in our online forum—The Exchange, and gain thousands of new followers on social media. We covered new territory, literally, by welcoming accredited institutions from Nigeria and Bahrain, and member schools from Azerbaijan, Dominican Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, and Palestine. We hope you continue to join us online and in person as we begin another year of transforming business education for global prosperity.

Here's a look back at 2016's accomplishments, with sights set on an even more active 2017.

Infographic showing engagement with AACSB International in 2016