100 B-School Alumni Inspire Global Change

100 B-School Alumni Inspire Global Change

AACSB recognizes 100 business school alumni who have made an impact in their respective industries and in social spheres both local and worldwide.

As AACSB International approaches its centennial commemoration at ICAM 2016, and its "birthday" in June 2016, the association has embarked on several initiatives that celebrate the value that quality management education has on business students, on industry, and on society. From April to June 2015, AACSB International called on its accredited member schools to submit nominations for their successful and influential alumni, which could be representative of the larger business school alumni group. The Influential Leaders from AACSB Business Schools Challenge was created to recognize innovative and inspirational business school graduates, and the AACSB-accredited schools that have helped them achieve their success.

Having received nearly 200 submissions, a special committee took on the difficult task of selecting 100 representative individuals, in honor of the centennial, who have made an impact in their respective industries and in social spheres both local and worldwide. The selected 100 Influential Leaders represent the diversity that AACSB supports across its global network of business schools and their affiliates. Honorees come from 21 countries and span 20 different industry sectors; they have earned achievements including youngest CEO, woman of the year, most distinguished alumnus, top 100 LGBT leader, and so many more accolades that showcase their work in all spaces of society.

The 100 Influential Leaders are financial investors and social entrepreneurs. They are advertising gurus and inventors, healthcare reformists and technology virtuosos. They are community activists; they are educational trailblazers. They are the individuals working to make the world a better place, through their business acumen, innovative ideas, and passion for social change. AACSB is proud to recognize both the alumni honorees and the business schools that prepared them for their successful careers and important contributions to the world.

As we reflect on the past 100 years, we find ourselves asking, How have we made an impact in management education and beyond? Through the Influential Leaders initiative alone, we are able to see that the impact is astounding—and we further see that the process of shaping leaders is quite synergistic.

From an association that creates quality standards and thought leadership, to a business school that delivers exceptional educational experiences, to a student who craves the necessary skills and tools to realize success, and, finally, to a marketplace that constantly demands new talent, it is apparent that leadership is not created in a vacuum. On the contrary; developing leaders requires an interconnected network of people who uphold quality as a basic tenet, who dare to challenge the status quo, and who not only dream of improved processes but find the means to put them into place.

These 100 Influential Leaders embody the vast and diverse possibilities that students of AACSB-accredited business schools can achieve. By supporting innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, business impact, and social change, AACSB hopes to see even more success stories arise from its accredited schools over the next 100 years.