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April 15​ – 17​
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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International Conference and Annual Meeting
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Agenda is subject to change. Changes can occur up until the start of the conference.

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"AI Stakeholder Perspectives and Roundtable Networking Session." Join the Metropolitan Business Schools Steering Committee for an engaging discussion featuring business school leadership, faculty, and recent graduate perspectives on AI. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Jim Fatzinger
Fulbright Specialist | American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow ('11/'12)
Vanderbilt University
"Leveraging AI in the Classroom and Beyond." In this session, we will explore AI's role in education to enhance student learning and future success. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Jon Garfinkel
Professor of Finance, University of Iowa
The University of Iowa
Renee Ford
Senior Instructional Designer, The Pennsylvania State University
The Pennsylvania State University
"Big Topics for Small Schools." We will discuss a variety of topics, such as making AI work for you, lessons learned from recent PRT visits, strategic succession planning, developing and working with your board and effective middle management. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Joy Turnheim Smith
Elizabeth City State University
"Leading with Inspiration, Managing with Prudence: The Associate Dean Balancing Act." Interactive, case-based session exploring the dual, sometimes conflicting, roles of associate deans. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Daniel J. Turner
Associate Dean, Masters Programs
University of Washington
"Tracking, Conveying, and Facilitating Research Impact in Entrepreneurship (and other disciplines)." Master the art of tracking and showcasing research achievements in entrepreneurship and related fields, including new (free) tools and platforms to amplify your efforts. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Eric Liguori
Associate Dean for Research and External Relations
Florida State University
"Exploring Challenges & Insights: A Non-Academic's Journey from the Corporate World to Higher Education." We will explore the challenges & insights of a non-academic after transitioning from the corporate world to higher education and discuss how a harmonious blend of academia and corporate expertise can contribute to success in higher education institutions. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Björn K.I. Kjellander
Director, Quality and Accreditation
Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University
Mariana Luciano
Head of Quality, Accreditations and Rankings
IE Business School
"Navigating the Challenges of a New Dean in Today's Higher Education Landscape." The learning curve is steep as a new dean. With the addition of increased political and financial complexities, the role has become even more challenging. In this session, we will combine small group networking and big topic conversations as we explore some of the most challenging situations for new deans. Topics include finding work-life balance as a dean, the challenges of navigating financial constraints, and making the most of small school resources. Join us--all attendees welcome!
AJ Grube
Western Carolina University
David Taylor
Sacred Heart University
Jennifer Percival
Bowling Green State University
Stephane Brutus
University of Ottawa
Trevor Collier
Dean and Professor
University of Dayton
"Every Rose Has Its Thorns: Thorny issues in Graduate Business Education." The graduate business education affinity group will discuss thorny issues graduate business is facing today. Our session will provide an overview of the three issues our schools are facing and then breakout into groups to talk with others, explore other thorny issues, and identify potential solutions. Bridging the gap between non-matriculated and matriculated programming, Using of artificial intelligence in graduate programs and Recruiting students & developing student-centric new programs. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Michael Jones
Senior Associate Dean
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Zachary Goldman
OMBA Program Director
University of Louisville
"MBA Transition in Times of Disruption and Transformation." This session will discuss the transition of the Penn State Smeal MBA from a traditional two-year program to a STEM designed one-year program. Market trends behind this decision will be discussed as well as the process followed to make and implement this controversial program change. The current state of the one-year program and plans for the future will also be discussed. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Charles H. Whiteman
John and Karen Arnold Dean
The Pennsylvania State University
"Pathways to Sustainability: Industry Journeys & the Role of Management Education." Join us for a dynamic panel discussion featuring industry experts sharing their journeys towards sustainable practices and operations. Explore disruptive conversations on the role of management education in driving sustainability initiatives across various sectors. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Joey Shea
Manager, North American Sustainability
Interface, Inc.
Luciana Echazu
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics
University of New Hampshire
Rachel Acevedo
Senior Manager in External Technology Acquisition and Experimentation
Coca Cola Company
Rashmi Jain
Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics
Montclair State University
"WAME Annual Meeting, Awards and Networking." Annual meeting of WAME, awarding of the Pat Flynn Award and networking facilitated by Lynne Richardson. Join us--all attendees welcome!
Joy Turnheim Smith
Elizabeth City State University
Joyce E. A. Russell
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Management
Villanova University
Lynne Richardson
Interim Dean
University of Montevallo
"What's in a name? This session will share perspectives from Africana, Latin, Native/Indigenous Studies Scholars." Panelists will discuss their thoughts on terminology, including ‘Black’, ‘Indigenous People of Color’, and other naming preferences. Join us— all attendees welcome!
Christine Cuomo
Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, Institute of Native American Studies
The University of Georgia
Regine Jackson
Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences, Media and Arts
Morehouse College
Roshawnda Derrick
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Pepperdine University
SherRhonda Gibbs
Dean of Business and Economics
Morehouse College
Join this session to learn from AACSB staff about navigating through membership, and how institutions can maximize their AACSB membership benefits. Presenters will share current projects, updates, and best practices that AACSB offers to educational institutions and business partners, as well as an overview of the accreditation process and timeline. This info session is recommended for both individuals who have not been fully exposed to member benefits and accreditation processes, as well as for experienced members who are looking for a refresher.
Maria Baltar
Regional Head, Americas
AACSB International
Rachel Dixon-Zudar
Senior Accreditation Manager
AACSB International
This panel discussion will explore the current and emerging pain points that business schools are facing and how business school partners are working to solve these challenges. Our panelists will provide valuable insights into the challenges that business schools are struggling with and share their experiences and strategies for addressing them.
Brittany Papendorf
Senior Manager of Strategic Relationships
AACSB International
Douglas Reiner
Chief Sales Officer
John Knott
Director, Global Academic Partnerships
Tekoya Boykins
Director of Academic Strategic Planning and Support
Academic Partnerships
This session is exclusively for deans. Join us for a conversation with Suzanne P. Clark, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the current state of business, and the importance of business schools collaborating closer with businesses.
Alexander J. Triantis
Chair of AACSB Board of Directors, Dean
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University
Lily Bi
President and CEO
AACSB International
Suzanne P. Clark
President and CEO
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
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Join us for a welcome message from Lily Bi, President & CEO of AACSB International, and Alexander J. Triantis, Chair of AACSB International Board of Directors and Conference Chair.
Alexander J. Triantis
Chair of AACSB Board of Directors, Dean
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University
Lily Bi
President and CEO
AACSB International
Learn about the ways faculty are advancing new knowledge and creating impact in business and society through their research. Join a panel of this year’s AACSB Influential Leaders honorees as they discuss and celebrate the important role of business school research.
Brad Price
Associate Professor, Business Data Analytics, John Chambers College of Business and Economics
West Virginia University
Francisco Pérez-González
Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
Vera Blazevic
Associate Professor of Digital Marketing and Innovation, Nijmegen School of Management
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Yingying Zhang Zhang
Professor, Graduate School of International Management
International University of Japan
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Reconnect with old friends and make new ones at this informal Atlanta themed reception.
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AACSB’s new Data Analytics Hub offers a new way of accessing data. Join this session for a demo featuring tools such as program search, enrollment trends, salary search and financial benchmarking. The Analytics Hub provides a user-friendly interface and easy access to key business education trends and analytics for decision making and competitive analysis.
Carmen Price Carrillo
IT Business Systems Analyst
AACSB International
Colin Nelson
Data Collection and Surveys Manager
AACSB International
Pairing an industry-leading peer tutoring platform with intentional program design empowered by Kennesaw State University's Michael J. Coles College of Business to effectively support all business courses and foster substantial program engagement from their students. Furthermore, with the gig economy approach Knack's tutoring enables, the Coles College of Bsuiess was able to build a scalable peer tutoring network that requires minimal overhead and re-invest dollars back into the student body given that Knack hires top students to serve as tutors. Attend this session to learn how you can leverage technology to scale peer tutoring on your campus.
Mona Sinha
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Kennesaw State University
Page Keller
Vice President of Academic Relations
Knack Technologies, Inc.
We will analyze how students from various states showcase their unique competencies on resumes and how they play a crucial role in shaping their career opportunities.
Mikaela Janecek
University Relationship Manager
Technology continues to intersect with our lives in new, weird, and wonderful ways. With tech’s integration into our daily lives becoming second nature to so much of the world, we often overlook this intersection. And yet, emerging tech will play a key role in shaping the future of humanity. In this session, world-renowned futurist Amy Webb provides a thought-provoking series of snapshots into the near and far future of business and society. Drawing from her work and research, she develops a set of optimistic, neutral, and chaotic scenarios that describe your organization’s plausible scenes in the future, offers insights for how your business school can achieve its preferred future, and puts forth probable answers to tomorrow’s most pressing questions about work, relationships, and our way of living.
Amy Webb
CEO of The Future Today Institute, Professor of Strategic Foresight, Stern School of Business
New York University
Despite acknowledging the prevailing flaws in current rankings, many within the community still recognize the necessity to participate. Join us for an enlightening 20-minute session unveiling our fall 2023 research on business school rankings.
Robert F. Scherer
Trinity University
Tom Kegelman
Partner, Higher Education Lead
eCity Interactive
You have identified the societal impact focus area and are developing an impact statement for your business school, now what? Join Stephanie Bryant, EVP and Global Chief Accreditation Officer, to learn how you can use AI to create your societal impact metrics. Learn what measures of success are appropriate in the societal impact space and common data validation criteria to ensure your business school is setting quality metrics.
Stephanie M. Bryant
Executive Vice President, Chief Accreditation Officer, and Managing Director, Americas
AACSB International
According to a recent survey from the LaSalle Network, the recent Gen Z grads want to earn their first promotion within one year on the job. Gen Z’s “office etiquette” and interpersonal dynamics differ significantly from previous generations, posing a challenge to employers to manage and communicate effectively. In this session, you gain insights into Gen Z, and hear how business schools can help in setting the correct job expectations of business students.
Andrea Hershatter
Sr. Associate Dean and BBA Program Director, Goizueta Business School
Emory University
Carly Williams
University Relations
Ford Motor Company
Parker Laue
Technology Strategy Consultant, Office of the CEO
Business schools are often criticized for not preparing students for business needs. Hear from business leaders to learn what skills they’re looking for in b-school graduates, and how business schools and business can work closer together to bridge the skills gap.
Sheila Patel
Director, Talent Acquisition and Strategy Leader
Rheem Manufacturing
Tony Lee
Retired VP of Content
Society for Human Resource Management
Yelena Epova
International Practice Leader
We are witnessing an increase in the volume and insistence of the voices of our business school stakeholders around how, as institutions, we are addressing the vast terrain of economic, societal and environmental challenges we are facing. In order to address them operationally, they must first be addressed strategically. This session will provide schools that are in the early stages of embedding sustainability with perspectives and tools for moving forward. For schools that are further advanced, this session offers an opportunity to reflect on strengths and potential areas for improvement.
Julie Perrin-Halot
Associate Dean/Director Quality, Accreditations, Sustainability
Grenoble Ecole de Management
This presentation covers how Peregrine's AI-driven assessment measures critical thinking across Bloom's levels via a scenario-based exam, focusing on abilities to explain, evaluate, draw conclusions, defend views, and communicate. Learn how our integrated approach streamlines the assessment process to produce actionable, objective data to close the loop in assurance of learning.
Ashley Dillard
Director of Client Solutions
Peregrine Global Services
Michael Napolitano
Vice President of Technology
Peregrine Global Services
Speakers will share the latest trends and innovations in assurance of learning and will share solutions to the most common challenges faced by business schools.
Björn K.I. Kjellander
Director, Quality and Accreditation
Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University
Ingrid Kirschning Albers
Professor, School of Engineering
Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Graduates are going into the workforce in an increasingly complex world. Incorporating the systems thinking approach in the classroom (and beyond) is essential in helping equip the students with the skills and mindset to tackle complex problems.
Nicola Kleyn
Extraordinary Professor
Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria
Peter Møllgaard
Member of AACSB Board of Directors, President
Copenhagen Business School
Prepare for the incoming enrollment cliff by hearing examples from speakers who applied creative ways to approach declining enrollment and budget cuts.
Dana Brown
Professor, Sprott School of Business
Carleton University
Gail Crimmins
Associate Dean
University of the Sunshine Coast
Kai S. Koong
Dean and Professor
Tuskegee University
Join this session for a conversation on the role of international study programs and mobility in shaping future business leaders. Panelists will discuss the challenges with student mobility at a time of controversy over its environmental impact and in a moment of global disorder. Can we do without it, or do we need more of it? Can we move towards a more responsible and accessible mobility culture? What is the impact of mobility on self-development and the employability of our students, and which mobility forms can add greatest value?
Allegra Baumanns
Emory University
John Lucas
President and CEO
ISEP Study Abroad
Simon Mercado
Executive Vice-President for Global Affairs, Dean for Global Affairs & Accreditations
ESCP Business School
Explore the cutting-edge integration of AI in skills assessment. Our session delves into how artificial intelligence revolutionizes the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosing professional competencies, offering groundbreaking tools for business education and talent management.
Erin Scully
AVP, Product Design
Educational Testing Service
Narmeen Makhani
Associate Vice President, Product Engg & AI
Educational Testing Service
Join us as we explore how CSUN Nazarian College earned the esteemed “Innovations that Inspire” recognition from AACSB with their "Workforce of the Future: The Tech Skills Boot Camp Series." This transformative program, offering industry micro-credentials across a range of in-demand disciplines, has made a profound impact both for their own business students and across campus. By implementing professional education beyond a standard degree, the program reinforces the value of a four-year degree, providing students with a tangible pathway to long-term social mobility.
Join us for a fireside chat featuring Mike C. Kaufmann, Beta Gamma Sigma's 2024 International Honoree and former Fortune 15 CEO and CFO. Kaufmann, renowned for his strategic leadership and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), will delve into championing diversity in corporate leadership and business education. As a seasoned executive and board member, he brings unparalleled insight into embedding DE&I initiatives within organizations. Moderated by Dean Anne Balazs from the University of Toledo, this session promises engaging discussions and valuable perspective. Don't miss the opportunity to participate, ask questions, and gain inspiration from a true industry leader.
Mike C. Kaufmann
Former CEO
Cardinal Health
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the verge of transforming education – from teaching and learning methods, to applying generative AI in decision making. Is AI a threat or an opportunity for higher ed? Can technology capture the human essence in teaching such as the ability to inspire, motivate and connect? Join us for a discussion to explore if AI and human essence can intersect to improve the future of learning.
Erika Fille T. Legara
Academic Program Director
Asian Institute of Management
Jikyeong Kang
President and Dean
Asian Institute of Management
Paul A. Pavlou
Dean, Bauer College of Business
University of Houston
Soumitra Dutta
Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
Officers of AACSB International will provide reports to the membership, with Alexander J. Triantis presenting the board chairs’ annual address to include key accomplishments. Lily Bi, president and CEO will update members on the organization’s operations and financials. Both Alexander J. Triantis and Lily Bi will also unveil AACSB’s new strategic plan. Sherif Kamel, board vice chair-chair elect will provide an overview of insights from this past year as chair of the Innovation Committee.
Network with colleagues and enjoy the full ICAM experience. Get a preview of ICAM 2025 in Vienna, Austria (April 7- 9).
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Andrew Gilfallan
VP, Product Management
Harrison Bass
Head of Educational Partnerships
Samantha Sztorc
The Boston Consulting Group
Erik Froelich, from Wharton Online, will be in discussion with Patti Wheeler, Accredible, to discuss how Wharton has prioritized using digital credentials to define learner career pathways and grown their programs as a result.
Erik Froelich
Senior Director | Innovation, Technology, and Design
University of Pennsylvania
Shawn Achor has traveled to 50 countries to battle-test his research on optimism in the midst of high challenge environments from shantytowns in South Africa to leaders at Camp David, and from Marine boot camp to hyper-competitive universities. In this talk, Shawn describes how students and educators can use this research to 1) create a stronger emotional immune system to buffer against the negative, 2) reverse the formula of happiness and success to use a positive mindset as an advantage, 3) enhance the ecosystem in order to create virtuous cycles, and 4) help the brain find more meaning and social connection in the midst of challenge. He will show how we can reignite the belief that positive change is possible, and to significantly increase optimism, happiness, educational outcomes, and mental health while scientifically decreasing burnout, cynicism, and division.
Shawn Achor
Author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage
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Knauss School of Business
If you have an upcoming CIR visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the continuous improvement review, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
Allen C. Amason
Dean, Parker College of Business
Georgia Southern University
Lauren Maradei
Senior Accreditation Manager
AACSB International
If you have an upcoming Initial Accreditation visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the initial accreditation process, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
Joyce A. Strawser
Member of AACSB Board of Directors, Dean, Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University
Suzanne Mintz
Vice President of Accreditation
AACSB International
AACSB standards expect schools to develop leaders to manage societal impact. To do this, we need to give students practice in the real-world challenges of societal impact. management. Students must understand that it isn’t about one-off initiatives. It’s about thousands of decisions—large and small—that create responsible business cultures. This session will illustrate how Marketplace’s Conscious Capitalism simulation helps students learn the ins and outs of doing good while doing well. The simulation exemplifies the teachings of Triple Bottom Line, Conscious Capitalism, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Along the way, students achieve many small wins that ignite joy, engagement, and creativity (Progress Principle).
Ernest Cadotte
Author of Marketplace Simulations
Marketplace Simulations
Join us for a session focused on cultivating the next generation of innovative leaders who “think outside of the bottle”. Dreen Yang, VP, GM of Future Flow, an intrapreneurial division of Coca-Cola, will share a journey in rethinking innovation on both global and entrepreneurial levels. Explore Coca-Cola's revamped innovation strategy, which led to a revitalized innovation pipeline and success rates. Discover the pivotal role of a fail-forward culture in fostering innovation.
Dreen Yang
Global General Manager of the Future Flow
Coca Cola Company
The next generation of employees will need to be interdisciplinary, requiring a combination of knowledge from various disciplines, such as science, law, engineering. How can business schools work within their college and other areas to have the next generation of curriculum and opportunities?
Consuela Wilson
Global Talent Enablement Manager
Delta Airlines
Julie Petherbridge
Dean, Stetson-Hatcher School of Business
Mercer University-Macon and Atlanta Campuses
Kristi Ward
Senior Director, Editorial
SAGE Publishing
With new imperatives around artificial intelligence, ESG, and flexibility, how can business schools meet the expectations of today’s prospective students? How will new and traditional business competencies fit into the workplace of today and tomorrow? And what do evolving stakeholder demands signal for the future of graduate management education?
Andrew Walker
Director, Research Analysis and Communications
Graduate Management Admission Council™