Deans Conference

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February 20​ – 22​, 2024
Barcelona, Spain
Deans Conference
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"Networking, Coffee, and Conversations" This networking session designed for Metropolitan Business School leaders encourages conversations, networking, and connections over coffee. Our time together will highlight the latest topics impacting our institutions, leadership, and AACSB accreditation. Join us--all attendee's welcome!
"Hot Topics for Life as a New Dean" The learning curve is steep as a new dean. In this session, we will combine small group networking and big topic conversations as we explore some of the most challenging situations for new deans. Topics include managing and leveraging your advisory boards, finding work-life balance as a dean, the challenges of fundraising and alumni relations, and making the most of small school resources. Join us--all attendee's welcome!
"Coffee and Conversation" Please grab a cup of your favorite hot or iced beverage and join the Entrepreneurship and Innovations Affinity Group Steering Committee members for an open discussion and networking. This meeting is designed to be driven by attendee input. Non-affinity group members are welcome.
"Building Your College Brand" n a time when enrollments are declining, competition is increasing, and universities are publicly challenged to prove their value, it is essential that small colleges articulate their unique brand proposition. This session will engage participants in a conversation about the essential components of a strong college brand how we can best articulate our value propositions. Join us--All attendees welcome!
Future-Proofing Business Education: Integrating Generative AI and Emerging Technologies In the DTAG panel session, we aim to explore the integration of generative AI and other emerging technologies in business curricula and pedagogy. While the technical potential is great, organizational questions such as how to partner with industry, how to engage faculty members, and how to maneuver post-pandemic work environments. We will delve into how new technologies can create personalized, adaptive, and engaging learning environments, and prepare industry-ready graduates skilled in innovation and problem-solving.
"Delivering Societal Impact, An International Perspective" This session will bring together an international panel of three deans from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, who will share perspectives on how their business schools are preparing such leaders and delivering societal impact. They will share best practices in developing a cohesive approach to societal impact through engagement of stakeholders and metrics. All attendees welcome!
Barcelona has rich and diverse history, with something to offer everyone. Join us to learn more about this special city’s culture—from its art and architecture to its food and music.
According to a recent Washington Post report, the current accountant shortage threatens capitalism's future. Moreover, accounting enrollments are declining. In this session, we will discuss how to leverage the power of STEM in Accounting to attract international accountants given the 3-year OPT. As a case study, Miles Education recruited 400+ experienced Indian accountants across 14 schools for MS Accounting (STEM) in 2023-24.
Join us for a welcome message from Lily Bi, President and CEO of AACSB International and the Conference Chair Alex Triantis, Dean of Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Hear the latest on AACSB’s strategic plan and get an overview of what to expect at the conference.
In this session, we will focus on what it means, and what it takes, to be leaders of learning. Building on his research on leadership and learning, Dr. Petriglieri will help us reflect on the images of leadership at the core of our research and curricula. He will argue that our obsession with mechanical tools obscures the importance of the humanistic roots of leadership – in emotions and relations. He will also provide some practical, research-based suggestions to craft learning strategies that can make us broader leaders and help us develop better leaders.
Relax and enjoy the company of your colleagues as the conference gets underway.
With the upcoming enrollment cliff, business schools need to consider strategic moves to ensure their long-term financial sustainability. Shifting international student markets, enrollment fluctuations, decline in government funding, decreases in donor contributions and many other factors are top of mind—take advantage of sitting in a room with hundreds of deans to exchange best practices for building strategic alliances to grow your school and generate more revenue.
AACSB standards expect schools to prepare learners for meaningful professional, societal, and personal lives. To do this, we need to give students practice in the real-world challenges of societal impact management. Students must understand that it isn’t about one-off initiatives. It’s about thousands of decisions—large and small—that create responsible business cultures. This session will illustrate how Marketplace’s Conscious Capitalism simulation helps students learn the ins and outs of doing good while doing well. The simulation exemplifies the teachings of Triple Bottom Line, Conscious Capitalism, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Along the way, students achieve many small wins that ignite joy, engagement, and creativity (Progress Principle).
As a leader of the business school, how do you communicate during a crisis and balance between condoning or contributing to the situation? In this session, we will discuss what crisis communication policy and procedure should include, look at case examples around public statements, and explore balanced public communications as well as non-statementing.
This session will feature the reflections of former deans on their professional life after deanship. Speakers will share their experiences of moving from deanship into other professional roles, as well as preparing their team (and themselves) for this change to ensure a smooth transition for the institution.
We are witnessing an increase in the volume and insistence in the voices of our business school stakeholders around how, as institutions, we are addressing the vast terrain of economic, societal and environmental challenges we are facing. In order to address them operationally, they must first be addressed strategically. This session will look at how one school is using governmental directives, corporate needs and the energy and drive of students, to ensure that the broad spectrum of sustainability is fully embedded strategically.
What skills and strengths are on top of your wish list to create a diversified team that will help you succeed? Do these attributes complement your own strengths and weaknesses? Join this session to better understand how to overcome the barriers you are facing and motivate those around you to collectively meet goals.
There are many steps and opportunities for delivering a positive student experience. What does technology enable us to do now that we weren’t able to before? From recruiting and admissions to alumni relations, hear best practices for enhancing different aspects of the student experience.
How are schools overcoming inclusion and access challenges? Join us to hear what business expects from schools, including inspiring examples of how schools are working to be more inclusive in the face of today’s geopolitical issues.
AACSB will demo a new way of accessing data. We will show all modules of the Analytics Hub, a new competitive analysis tool, including Program Search, Enrollment Trends, Salary Search and Financial Benchmarking.
This session will showcase unique ways business schools are creating value for stakeholders. From knowledge creation to deployment of learning to equitable access, join representatives of this year’s Innovations That Inspire selections to discuss new ideas for elevating your business school.
Immerse yourself in the simulation designed to train tomorrow’s business leaders to manage their societal impact. This workshop is led by a diverse group of students who have played and learned in Marketplace’s Conscious Capitalism simulation. Sharing from their experience, they'll show you how the game equips students to run a profitable, cross-functional business while managing the firm’s impact on community health, the environment, employee morale, customer safety, and more. Drawing upon the principles of Conscious Capitalism, the simulation teaches how business decisions affect society, how to manage the societal impact of a growing business, and how to lead while balancing competing needs throughout the firm.
Enjoy a brief siesta! This is your time to catch up on emails, take a meeting, indulge in a nap, or simply step outside to enjoy the beautiful Barcelona!
This session will be designed for those planning for a Continuous Improvement Review visit. Experienced Peer Review Team members will discuss visit preparation and planning, visit execution, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
If you have an upcoming Initial Accreditation visit or are considering accreditation, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the initial accreditation process as we discuss what is expected and how to thoroughly prepare.
Enjoy and debrief from the day in the company of your colleagues.
From magazine covers to journal articles to news headlines, AI is at the center of many debates and business schools are part of the conversation. How will AI affect your job and how you lead your organization? This session will explore the implications of traditional and generative AI on business schools and their leaders, including ethical considerations, equitable access, decision making, continuous learning and adaptation.
Hear from fellow deans who were dealing with a situation that kept them up at night, and how they were able to overcome it. Leave this session armed with solutions and practical support for transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.
In an era of unprecedented change, traditional business schools are facing growing challenges in preparing future leaders for a rapidly evolving global landscape. To address these challenges, we invite you to join us for an engaging and forward-thinking workshop-style session where we will explore strategic priority areas designing a next generation business school.