International Conference and Annual Meeting

Pathways to Impact
April 23​ – 25​
Chicago, Illinois, USA
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International Conference and Annual Meeting
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Join various Networking Community meetings for a pre-conference learning and networking opportunity.
Join us for a welcome message from Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, President & CEO of AACSB International, and McRae C. Banks, Chair of AACSB International Board of Directors and Conference Chair.
Reconnect with old friends and make new ones at this informal Chicago themed reception.
The world is constantly changing, and business schools are trying to keep up with the latest innovations and events. With enrollment declines, the value of business degree being questioned, curriculum not being updated quickly enough, and increasing lifelong learning opportunities from competition, how can business schools stay relevant?
Preparing for the accreditation process can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Join this session to hear how schools can reduce their accreditation fatigue by streamlining tasks and increase innovation while going through the accreditation process.
Partnering with online program management providers (OPMs) has many benefits – from reaching a wider audience to diversifying revenue, but it also comes with its challenges. In this session speakers will engage in conversation about the ethical implications of partnering with OPMs and offer best practices for successful collaborations.
There is growing pressure on schools to address climate change – it is expected in their curricula, their research and in the way they behave as citizens of their communities. This session is intended to assist schools in creating a regenerative road map. Participants will be introduced to the road map framework and will have the opportunity to exchange the challenges they face and the solutions they are finding as they look to address climate change.
Schools are struggling to keep their curriculum relevant with today’s world’s events and business needs. Business school faculty need to source content from variety of areas and experts, as well as enhance the student learning experience. Join this session to hear how faculty can adapt the way they teach to keep up with changing global realities.
Presenters will discuss how their AoL process met the AACSB accreditation requirements, and what enhancements were made to students’ learning and school’s curriculum or/and processes as a result.
Panelists will discuss the importance of partnering across sectors (governments, NGOs, industry and universities) to address global challenges and make an impact.
Join this session to explore the functional competencies needed in business, and the leadership competencies for the future. Panelists will discuss the challenges that future business leaders will face and what business schools can do to ensure their students are prepared.
Officers of AACSB International will provide reports to the membership, with McRae C. Banks presenting the board chairs’ annual address to include key accomplishments. Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, president and CEO will update members on the organization’s operations and financials, and Alexander Triantis, board vice chair-chair elect will provide an overview of insights from this past year as chair of the Innovation Committee as well as an overview of AACSB’s strategic plan.
“Unless research culture fundamentally changes, academics will continue to be fixated with journal rankings” says Carl Rhodes. Panelists in this session will share how business schools can change the current research culture to focus on impact.
Network with colleagues and enjoy the full ICAM experience. Get a preview of ICAM 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia (April 15-17).
If you have an upcoming CIR visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the continuous improvement review, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
If you have an upcoming Initial Accreditation visit in the next two years, this session is for you! We invite you to bring questions related to the initial accreditation process, and we will discuss the psychology of a visit, managing a visit, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
In this interactive session, David Schonthal highlights the Frictions that operate against new ideas and innovation; describes the unexpected reasons why the ideas and initiatives they are most passionate about get rejected; and explains how to transform those frictions important catalysts for change.
Generation Z is motivated by purpose, which increases engagement, and well-being. But finding their purpose can be difficult while in college, when students are constantly exposed to new knowledge, experiences, and want to make money quickly after graduation. What is the role of business schools in helping students find their purpose?
Many countries have some form of affirmative action (also known as alternative access, quota law, positive discrimination) in efforts to increase the number of underrepresented students in college. Join this session to hear global perspectives on what affirmative action means for business schools and how eliminating it could harm their DEIB efforts.
This event is exclusively for deans. Catch up with old friends, make new connections, and engage in discussion on the role of business schools in fighting disinformation and misinformation.