Associate Deans Conference

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October 17​ – 19​, 2022
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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"Networking, Leadership Strategies, and "Lessons Learned" with the Metropolitan Business School Affinity Group" Network with others while considering the ever-increasing role of the Associate, Assistant, and Vice Dean in the Metropolitan Business School. Whether evaluating impact, managing daily operations, or engaging with the community, the role of the Business School Associate, Assistant, and Vice Dean is ever-increasing in its strategic importance. Today's Business School leadership is actively engaged in competitive enrollment markets, diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations, and the evaluation of societal impact. Welcome as we continue these conversations in our interactive, engaging, time together.
"Teaching and Learning in an Online, Blended, and Remote Environment" The Online Learning Affinity Group aims to be a highly participative forum for sharing ideas and expertise on various issues and topics in online and blended learning. In this session, we will host a facilitated discussion on participant-selected topics that could include factors that are influencing your course delivery modality, best practices, common issues and challenges, as well as opportunities for the future.
"Where have all the graduate students gone?" Students want meaningful and impactful ways to get together in-person. At the same time, they prefer the convenience and comfort of online. During this highly interactive session, we will discuss the innovative ways that business school are utilizing to attract, engage and facilitate career outcomes for our various populations of undergraduate, graduate and online students. Associate Deans will share success stories and best practices in this new hybrid environment.
"Leadership through Influence and Persuasion - Effective Strategies for Female Associate Deans" Female associate deans may find challenges to their authority and often rely on using forces of influence and persuasion to manage different groups. In this session, you will be able to share and discuss your stories, your observations on this unique role and your strategies that can help others. The discussion will engage the audience with question prompts to help Associate Deans reflect on their own challenges and leadership styles.
New Orleans is one of America's most unique cities, but how did it get that way? Join Elizabeth Pearce, New Orleans historian, for a brief overview of the city’s history and learn about its distinctive music, cuisine and architecture. Hear how New Orlean’s personality emerged and why so many people from around the world come here to let loose. It's not an accident that you call it The Big Easy.
Elizabeth Pearce
Drinks Historian and Founder
Drink N Learn
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Reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and network with the exhibitors. Relax and enjoy the company of your colleagues before the conference gets underway.
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Join Capsim for our interactive and engaging session to learn how Capsim Inbox Simulations, our new simulation-based assessment technology, are helping leading business schools meaningfully prepare graduates for life beyond the classroom through immersive and authentic learning experiences.
Akil Forbes
Account Manager
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Join this informal, moderated discussion about how rankings affect business schools and students. Presenters will argue for rankings’ pros and cons, then open up the floor for discussion of what you, the practitioners, think, and changes you would want to see.
This session will explore how to assess your current portfolio of graduate offerings to determine if it is optimized for growth based on market demand, and your institution’s market positioning and opportunity - and if not, what must be undertaken to best set up your business school for near- and long-term success. Demands and expectations of tomorrow’s GME students have changed, and now is an important time to update your portfolio of programs to meet that demand, as your competitors are likely doing the same.
Jesse Golenberg
Manager, Consulting Services
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The University of London and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offer performance-based admission paths to some of their online bachelors and masters programs and have partnered together through Coursera in order to expand access to underserved and non-traditional student populations. The presenters will share an example of the work they are doing to create stackable pathways at their institutions that not only bridge undergraduate and graduate education but also provide pathways for students between institutions. Session attendees will gain insights about strategies to broaden access to their existing educational offerings and envision stackable pathways for students at their institutions.
Join us for an exciting and interactive keynote session facilitated by Dr. Kendra Reed of Loyola University in New Orleans. Dr. Reed will ask you to, “consider one person who most invited you to listen…” and other questions that inspire thoughts, feelings, conversations, and actions. Her unique perspective and entertaining flair will help you engage on a mindful journey towards intentional listening and being heard as a leader of the pack.
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The global higher education environment requires a renewed focus on collaboration, particularly among a broader variety of partners. Learn how partnerships or cooperative agreements between domestic schools/programs can offset declining enrollments. Learn how to manage community and corporate partnerships and understand how to determine the role of partners with the business school.
Emerging technologies continue to create shifts in every aspect of life—including commerce, entertainment, social interaction, and work environments—and these shifts can spur business schools to reimagine what they do, how they do it, and what their value is to stakeholders. This session will focus on expanding educational opportunities through the use of technology, as well as how to ensure the right staff and faculty support is provided. Presenters will also share best practices in leveraging technology to optimize the classroom and educational environment.
Consumers, employees, and public perception are challenging organizations to show evidence of their impact which is motivating business schools to demonstrate societal impact and develop future leaders with socially conscious mindsets. Join this session to hear best practices on how b-schools schools are stepping up to make positive change in their communities and illustrating their impact.
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As the needs of learners change, the role of teaching continues to evolve. In this session, presenters will share how learners’ needs have evolved and discuss ideas to increase faculty awareness and in turn, enhance their responsiveness to learners.
Engaging all faculty and staff at desired levels can be challenging, but it is an important challenge that b-school leaders must tackle. Encouraging and facilitating increased engagement of faculty and staff can help to better achieve a b-school’s mission and enhance its societal impact. Tactics and tips for engaging faculty will be discussed, considering the variety of areas in which faculty can engage. A challenge for deans is to decide what types of engagement and collaboration would best support the school’s mission and strategies, and how to offer engagement opportunities. Learn and share ideas for engagement.
The pandemic, racial injustice, and social inequities have divided us greatly. With heightened tensions, we are quickly losing the art of discourse, a critical component of academic freedom. In this session, we will discuss ways to create an inclusive classroom for all students where challenging conversations and varying perspectives are embraced. We will share the pedagogy of an inclusive classroom, and the four components of academic freedom. Finally, we will discuss best practices in bringing the two together to create classrooms where opposing views can exist, serve as catalysts for individual growth, enabling all students to thrive.
Presenters in this session will share how they have approached crisis preparedness and management, sharing practices they have developed that can be implemented at your institutions. Participants will then have the opportunity to apply a crisis management framework to a simulated crisis and discuss their approach with their colleagues.
Mentoring can transform students' lives and is a meaningful way to engage alumni, community leaders, faculty, and students. Discover insights into current mentoring initiatives and learn a 7-Step Framework for creating successful, high-impact mentoring programs. Benefits gained and lessons learned from developing various forms of mentoring programs and helpful resources will be discussed.
Sherry Hartnett
Director, Executive Mentor Program, Clinical Professor of Business
University of West Florida
This session will offer lessons and practical advice on leadership and management for associate/assistant/vice deans.
What comes after Associate Deanship? In this session, presenters will share what they considered when deciding to move on from their role as an associate dean. Join us for clarity and inspiration as you consider your career path beyond your current role.
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To stand out in the job market, business students need more than a standard degree–they need to create a personal brand with their skills and experience to appeal to prospective employers. Join Coursera and Fairleigh Dickinson University for a conversation where we will explore how FDU is structuring programming that helps their business students achieve success. Learn how their leadership team is enabling faculty to more easily modernize curriculum, as well as supporting students in going the extra mile to be job ready.
This session will share best practices in being an administrator while also keeping your research or teacher identity.
The role Associate Deans play is important in bridging the cultural gap between the academic and administrative bodies. Learn in this interactive session how to manage up and down (and across) with finesse, lead organizational change, and get faculty and other stakeholders to buy in to your shared vision.
This session will offer insight on the three types of authenticity—true-to-ideal, true-to-fact and true-to-self. We will discuss reflective strategies and practical tools to embrace and imbue authenticity as senior administrators.
Presenters in this session will share best practices for moving beyond remote teaching and will focus on how to organize a smooth delivery in various modalities, as well as incorporate lessons learned in the classroom. Hear best practices for getting innovative and taking forward new ideas, while keeping focus on the fundamentals of curriculum delivery.
Experiential learning is a novel approach to enhance the learner’s understanding of curriculum through experience, yet challenges exist in assessing learner outcomes. Presenters will share best practices for measuring experiential learning, including indirect measures. Sharing best practices and examples of programmatic design for work-integrated learning, interdisciplinary collaborations, teams learning, and international experiences will highlight successful approaches for designing and evaluating successful experiential learning in business education. The assessment framework discussed in this session offers tools and strategies for addressing real and perceived barriers to identify supports for achieving strategic goals by assessing experiential learning in a variety of institutional contexts.