• Alan T. Shao

    In Focus: Outreach and Engagement

    At the School of Business at the College of Charleston, our perspective is that business education and professional engagement should not just intersect, they should be as one. Read More

  • Elliot Davis

    How Business Can Address Societal Challenges

    Recently, AACSB’s president and CEO, Tom Robinson, led a discussion on the AACSB Exchange related to the role business can potentially play in addressing the most significant challenges society faces. Read More

  • Maria Jaen Helena

    Latin American Vista: Promise for a New Business School Landscape

    AACSB International’s Latin American and Caribbean Annual Conference was a unique experience to share with colleagues in the region in an atmosphere of trust and in a conducive environment for learning and cooperation. The diverse Latin American region, while it is challenging and demanding, is rich with opportunity for business schools to usher in a new future. Read More

  • 8 Shared Interests of College Presidents and Venture Capitalists

    Venture capitalists and college presidents: these two professions seemingly have nothing in common. VCs want to revolutionize colleges right away, adopting the latest technology, radical new courses, and cutting-edge apps. College presidents wish to honor the traditional four-year model and move at a more incremental pace. But these two positions might be more similar than expected. Read More

  • Lee Davidson

    Welcome to the AACSB Blog

    AACSB International is excited to bring you this new online space for hosting information related to management education. Read More

  • John Delaney

    Dean's Corner: Reaching Millennials and Gen Xers in the Classroom

    Members of the millennial generation are often characterized as digital natives, a group of individuals attached to their mobile devices as the first generation born in the Internet era. When we consider how to reach this generation, we seek out the most effective and quickest ways to grab their attention—texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and video calls. Read More