• Glick

    Transforming Business Education for Global Prosperity

    AACSB International, in anticipation of its Centennial Celebration culminating at ICAM 2016, has engaged in a multi-year visioning process focused on the future of business education. Read More

  • AACSB’s Notable Events From 2015

    15 From '15: AACSB's Notable Events From the Year

    With our gaze already set on new goals and exciting initiatives for 2016, AACSB International takes a quick glance back at 2015 to recognize some of the significant events we celebrated along with our global membership. Read More

  • Chris Clements

    'Does Not Discriminate' Not the Same as Inclusion

    Business schools produce the employees who will be responsible for instituting change. Students should know the expectations for diversity and inclusion of in the future workforce. Read More

  • Elliot Davis

    Addressing Alternatives to the Traditional Degree

    Recently AACSB members discussed how business schools will compete with alternative providers who are able to offer student learning data and deliver at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business degree.
    Read More

  • Ariel Allen

    "Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast."

    The first day of the AACSB Annual Accreditation Conference could not have started on a more powerful note. Betsy Ziegler, dean of students and newly appointed chief innovation officer at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, gave conference attendees a fresh perspective on the future of business education. Read More

  • Isabelle Fagnot

    Unstoppable Technology: The Future of Management Education Worldwide

    The future of business schools and management education worldwide can be looked at through various lenses. Through the lens of technology, I examine how this aspect of society has changed and will continue to shape management education, particularly in the way we lead. Read More

  • Elliot Davis

    How Business Can Address Societal Challenges

    Recently, AACSB’s president and CEO, Tom Robinson, led a discussion on the AACSB Exchange related to the role business can potentially play in addressing the most significant challenges society faces. Read More