• Elliot Davis

    Addressing Alternatives to the Traditional Degree

    Recently AACSB members discussed how business schools will compete with alternative providers who are able to offer student learning data and deliver at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business degree.
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  • Elliot Davis

    How Business Can Address Societal Challenges

    Recently, AACSB’s president and CEO, Tom Robinson, led a discussion on the AACSB Exchange related to the role business can potentially play in addressing the most significant challenges society faces. Read More

  • Elliot Davis

    Best Practices for Developing Competencies in Emerging Markets

    Representing three schools in three distinctly different cultural and economic contexts, Zabid Abdul Rashid, Thami Gorfi, and Pierre Tapie shared best practices with local relevance for the developing world during one of the many sessions offered at the International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM) 2013 in Chicago. Read More