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    Taking the Show on the Road—and Across the Water

    In a session titled Think Global Act Global: The Globalization of Degree Programs for Creating an Educational Experience Across Continents and Cultures, speakers Patricia Keegan of the Booth School of Business and Paul Matthyssens of Antwerp Management School shared their experiences in globalizing their respective programs.
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    Latin American Vista: Promise for a New Business School Landscape

    AACSB International’s Latin American and Caribbean Annual Conference was a unique experience to share with colleagues in the region in an atmosphere of trust and in a conducive environment for learning and cooperation. The diverse Latin American region, while it is challenging and demanding, is rich with opportunity for business schools to usher in a new future.
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    8 Shared Interests of College Presidents and Venture Capitalists

    Venture capitalists and college presidents: these two professions seemingly have nothing in common. VCs want to revolutionize colleges right away, adopting the latest technology, radical new courses, and cutting-edge apps. College presidents wish to honor the traditional four-year model and move at a more incremental pace. But these two positions might be more similar than expected.
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