Senior B-School Administrators Survey 2017–18: An Infographic

Posted November 09, 2017 by Elliot Davis - Coordinator - Research

The below infographic, which was recently shared at AACSB’s Associate Deans Conference in New Orleans, USA, was created using data drawn from the 2017–18 Senior Business School Administrators Survey. This survey, a triennial effort that launches alongside a related survey tailored to business school deans, seeks to better understand the trends and profiles of business school administrators around the world. The survey was completed by 341 senior business school administrators, representing 34 countries and territories. Survey respondents were predominately in associate dean roles (61 percent of total respondents) or assistant deans roles (21 percent of total respondents). A final data release will be available in early 2018, along with the results from the 2017–18 Deans Survey. More information on AACSB's surveys and data collection is available at aacsb.edu/data.

AACSB Senior B-School Administrators Survey 2017 - Infographic

Infographic by Andrea Smith