Where Is the Business in Business School?

Posted June 23, 2016 by Andrea Smith - Senior Associate, Marketing Communications - AACSB International

Bridging the gap between the business classroom and the workplace can be tenuous—both for students and their prospective employers. Students want to become employed, but how do they know they've found a good match? Are students ready, and how do you determine how well you've prepared them to do actual business?

This graphic, based on recent data collected by AACSB International, illustrates how business schools have created a pipeline for talent in organizations worldwide. Corporations aren't entirely absent from academia, either. Over a quarter of faculty regularly engage with industry or have professional experience. And, increasingly, business school deans are coming from the corporate world instead of an academic one. Might an even greater industry representation in business schools enhance students' employment opportunities and job readiness? View the graphic to learn more.

The Connection Between Business and Academia, AACSB International Infographic

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