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Addressing Alternatives to the Traditional Degree

Posted October 01, 2015 by Elliot Davis - Senior Associate, Research - AACSB International

Each month, a conversation unfolds within the AACSB Exchange related to the emerging vision for the future of management education. A new dialogue has just started, along the theme of Emerging Opportunities for Business Schools, one of the Themes to Explore for the Visioning Initiative. Tom Robinson, president and CEO of AACSB International, has asked AACSB’s membership to identify the greatest opportunities for business schools to excel, and what ideas should be incubated now in order to achieve their full potential. We invite you to share your insights and opinion on this subject with us on the AACSB Exchange.

Another discussion has just concluded, regarding the emergence of alternatives to degrees. Robinson queried how business schools will compete with alternative providers who are able to offer student learning data and deliver at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business degree. This conversation was closely related to the subjects of interest that have emerged within the theme of Evolving Expectation of Management Education.

Some of the discussion centered on business schools of various sizes forming partnerships, seeking curricular innovation, and embracing change. One individual voiced that schools should leverage AACSB’s themes of engagement, innovation, and impact in a way that focuses on preparing graduates to not only be great thinkers and decision-makers, but also to understand real-world application of theory. Such an approach could better position business schools to complement, rather than compete against, the emerging alternatives to the traditional business degree.

Keep an eye on www.aacsb.edu/vision and on the AACSB Exchange for future dialogues and other opportunities for engagement, as we work together to create the collective vision.