Innovations That Inspire Deadline Extended to Nov 20

Posted November 13, 2015 by AACSB Staff

Innovations That Inspire banner

You've spoken, and we've listened. Based on feedback received by many, AACSB will be extending the deadline for participation in the Innovations That Inspire initiative to Friday, November 20

Who & What
Innovations is designed to encourage all AACSB members, (both accredited and non-accredited), to share ways in which they have thought outside the box—and as a result—have made an impact on their school, students, community, or even the management education industry.

Categories for submissions are listed below. Examples of ideas for submissions can also be found via the following hyperlinks:
  • The Way We Create: Research and Scholarship
  • The Way We Teach: Pedagogy and Learning
  • The Way We Connect: Outreach and Engagement
  • The Way We Lead: Strategy and Administration
Submissions will be received electronically through November 20, 2015, via AACSB’s DataDirect system. As with other initiatives distributed by DataDirect, only the official AACSB "Primary Representative" or "Official Designee" has access to the submission link. Most often, this individual will be found in your business school leadership office.

We ask that you consider connecting with your leadership office to determine how your institution can participate given this deadline extension. 

The collection of submissions received will be made available for all AACSB members to access and explore through DataDirect. In addition, a selection will be showcased at AACSB’s Deans Conference in January 2016, in Miami, Florida, USA. Similar, those highlighted at Deans (and others) will have the potential to be featured in later AACSB communication and social media channels, reports, and conferences.

Framework for Submissions

The framework is quite simple, and each institution may enter up to two times.

As you prepare your submission, please be equipped to enter the following in third person voice:

1. Category: please choose one of the four categories.

2. Innovation Statement: identify a statement that summarizes your school's innovation. (25 words or less)

3. Call to Action: provide a description of what the motivation was behind considering and/or implementing the program or initiative. (250 words or less)

4. Innovation Description: a description of the program or initiative itself; including any applicable areas such as time frame, structure, objectives, processes, activities, etc. (250 words or less)

5. Impact: a description of the impact the program or initiative has made, and/or any anticipated future impact. (250 words or less)