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AACSB connects business schools, industry, nonprofits, and government to drive positive societal change in the world.

Societal Impact at AACSB

“The responsibility of business is to use its will and resources to advance a cause greater than itself.” Simon Sinek

If you could solve one of the world’s grandest challenges, which one would it be?
Would you end world hunger? Deliver affordable and clean energy? Restore balance to our climate?

We’re all accountable for recognizing challenges and pursuing solutions that make the world a better place, especially in the context of developing our global leaders. We must come together, focused on challenging the status quo and designing the next approach to business leadership.

As the world’s largest association for business education, AACSB is at the intersection of education, business, and society. We believe that business schools—and businesses—are a force for good in the world. With a vision to transform business education globally for positive societal impact, AACSB is using a collective framework to rethink the business philosophy and leadership competency model for the 21st century in four key areas:

Our Partners in Societal Impact

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