Insights Into Business Education

Explore a variety of video discussions with thought leaders on industry trends.

How to Succeed in Today’s Dynamic Business World

What are the most important skills business students need to have to enter the today's workforce? Top business leaders and b-school administrators offer insights.

A Holistic Approach to Industry Collaborations

How can business schools and businesses create more effective collaborations? Today's top business leaders discuss some successful ways to approach partnerships.

AACSB Explores Video Series

AACSB Explores delves into the insights and experiences of some of business and business education’s top thought leaders as they discuss major issues and developments facing the industry worldwide. Browse through the video conversations for inspiring and enriching global perspectives on current topics.

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Training and Recruiting Workforce-Ready Graduates

Workforce planning lead at NextEra Energy, Inc., Ken Languedoc, shares what business schools are currently doing that helps industry find high-value employees, as well as new opportunities to teach students the skills they need to enter the workforce.

The Need for Empathy, Curiosity in a Complex Business World

Business leaders give current and prospective business students advice on the importance of asking questions, being open to the continuation of learning, and surrounding themselves with diverse communities to expand learning opportunities.

Exploring Diversity and Inclusion in Business and Education

Business school and industry leaders discuss different aspects of diversity and inclusion in both the business classroom and workplace:

Agile Decision-Making: Preparing Students to Succeed in an Uncertain Future

Business educators share their thoughts on the need to increase agility and how we can teach students to think "on their feet," to prepare for a workforce that will require real-time decision making.