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Reimagining Business Accreditation

AACSB's executive vice president and chief accreditation officer, Stephanie Bryant, talks with Nancy Bagranoff, co-chair of the Business Accreditation Task Force, about why the group was formed and how it will impact business schools today and in the future.

For MBA to Thrive, Relevance Is Key

Matt Symonds, editorial consultant to Times Higher Education and the Wall Street Journal Business School Rankings, looks at what is needed for the MBA program we know today to continue to be relevant in the future.

AACSB Explores Video Series

AACSB Explores delves into the insights and experiences of some of business and business education’s top thought leaders as they discuss major issues and developments facing the industry worldwide. Browse through the video conversations for inspiring and enriching global perspectives on current topics.

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The Tipping Point of Hubris: When Leaders Become Overconfident

Jane Hendy, head of Brunel Business School, Brunel University London, shares with AACSB's EVP and chief accreditation officer, Stephanie Bryant, shares her research on hubris, and how excessive pride or self-confidence in leadership can trigger the downfall of an otherwise successful organization.

21st-Century Dean: The Multifaceted Role of Today's Business School Dean

Moez Limayem, dean of the University of South Florida Muma College of Business, takes a look at how the role of a business school dean has changed over the years, and the multiple and varying skills today's deans need to be successful in their roles.

Videos That Explore New Technology Implications

John Jacobs, executive director of the Center for Financial Markets and Policy at Georgetown University, explores technology and the future of work:

The Value of Volunteering With AACSB

Paul Schwager, now interim dean of East Carolina University College of Business and chair of AACSB's Volunteer Advisory Group, discusses the many opportunities for and benefits of volunteering with AACSB.

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