Master’s Degree in Business

Master’s level business degrees offer learners the opportunity to expand their business acumen in a specific field of business. A master’s degree allows you to gain specialized knowledge and add value to your existing skill sets.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Required to Earn a Business Master’s Degree?

No, you do not need an undergraduate degree in business to pursue a business master’s degree. While holding a bachelor’s degree in business will provide a foundation of knowledge that is advanced through a master’s degree program, a specialized master’s degree develops specific skills that will open up new career prospects in your desired career field.

The Best Business Master’s Programs

High-quality business leaders are sought after worldwide, and business schools across the globe are equipped with the tools and resources to create and nurture our next great leaders.

Specialized master’s degrees enhance learners’ knowledge and skillsets in a specific field. All business master’s degrees cover the foundational elements of business; however, they give learners the opportunity to focus on a concentration, providing increased expertise in one individual business field.

At the best business schools, master’s degrees may be offered in a variety of formats to allow for flexible learning. In-person and online master’s degrees at AACSB-accredited institutions offer the same high-quality education. Some master’s programs offer dual concentrations, as well as secondary concentrations.

Specialized master’s degrees differ from MBAs in that they go beyond fundamental business knowledge and offer more focused courses on the master’s concentration. Finding which specific master’s degree fits your goals will ensure that you’re gaining the specific skills you need to succeed. Business master’s degrees are available in many concentrations that span the industry, including societal impact, information technology, marketing, supply chain management, healthcare management, and more.

Selecting an Accredited Program

What's the quickest way to tell if a business school offers a high-quality specialized master’s degree that's recognized by the best companies worldwide?

See if they've earned AACSB accreditation.

Business schools that have earned AACSB accreditation have gone through a rigorous process that ensures they are teaching students exactly what they need to succeed in business. AACSB accreditation is globally recognized as the highest indicator of quality by businesses and other business schools—opening a world of opportunity for your career and future graduate study.