Europe, Middle East, and Africa Accreditation Conference

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May 29​ – 31​
Budapest, Hungary
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Europe, Middle East, and Africa Accreditation Conference
Business Accreditation Seminar (Budapest)
Europe, Middle East, and Africa Accreditation Conference
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Peter Feher
Conference Chair and Vice President for International Relations
Corvinus University of Budapest
Stephanie M. Bryant
Executive Vice President, Chief Accreditation Officer, and Managing Director, Americas
AACSB International
The AACSB accreditation standards are intentionally non-prescriptive, recognizing diversity across institutions. The principles-based standards are meant to encourage advancement and achievement of a school’s self-defined mission. However, principles-based standards do not mean “anything goes”! In fact, these standards place the onus on the school to clearly articulate its mission and how it meets the standards in a coherent and thoughtful manner. Join this interactive session to discuss what review teams and committees are looking for and what they are not, address common myths, and clear any misconceptions about AACSB’s standards and processes.
Stephanie M. Bryant
Executive Vice President, Chief Accreditation Officer, and Managing Director, Americas
AACSB International
This session delves into the captivating subject of how technology, specifically artificial intelligence (AI), can enhance human abilities and reshape society towards a more human-centric model. The conversation focuses on reassessing the value proposition of General AI (GenAI) from a perspective that prioritizes human needs, values, and capabilities. It explores AI's potential to boost human skills, decision-making, and productivity, while maint aining a strong emphasis on the ethical considerations and societal implications of this technological integration. The aim is to stimulate thoughtful dialogue, urging attendees to contemplate how AI can be leveraged in their respective fields to cultivate a society that not only uses AI for advancement, but also ensures that these advancements are centered on improving human lives and experiences.
Mark Esposito
Co-author of The Great ReMobilization: Strategies and Designs for a Smarter Global Future, Director of Hult’s Futures Lab
Hult International Business School
In this session speakers will walk attendees through the mandatory accreditation tables. Attendees will learn best practices and how to avoid common mistakes when completing accreditation tables. The session will review tables 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 and 8-1.
Natalia Ilina
Accreditation and Member Services Manager
AACSB International
Sarah Vaughan
Senior Advisor Quality Enhancement and Accreditations
ICN Business School
This informal Q&A session is for those approaching or undergoing a CIR visit. Bring your questions and hear AACSB leadership discuss the psychology of a visit, including management of logistics, expectations, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
Jasmina Selimovic
Professor, Dean, School of Economics and Business
University of Sarajevo
Marine Condette
Senior Accreditation and Member Services Manager
AACSB International
This informal Q&A session is an opportunity to bring questions related to your institution’s initial accreditation visit. Presenters will discuss expectations for an initial visit, including psychology, management of logistics, and what to do when the unexpected happens.
Assaad Farah
American University in Dubai
Ihsan Zakri
Regional Head, Middle East and Africa
AACSB International
Speakers will discuss the AACSB eligibility application process, including the challenges schools face in preparing and submitting the application. The session will provide insights and recommendations for overcoming the obstacles during the application process.
Katalin Erdős
Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, Faculty of Business and Economics
University of Pécs
Mijalche Santa
Vice-Dean for Science and International Cooperation
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
Explore efficient and effective ways to compile accreditation documents, ensuring compliance while streamlining the process for accreditation managers. What are the latest technologies and tools that can enhance accreditation management, making the process more transparent and collaborative?
How do you define Diversity & Inclusion, and how does your school measure progress and reports on it?
Enjoy and debrief from the day in the company of your colleagues.
The session will explore how the process of capturing and integrating AOLs into Rubrics and the marking process can be facilitated universally with all types of learning management software. Presenters will facilitate an AOL Process design discussion, walking participants through and rationale of designing integrative tools.
Join this session to learn best practices in developing strategies that align faculty qualifications with the mission of the business school, while considering all accreditation standards. Two institutions will discuss how their mission and learner outcomes shape qualifications definitions and faculty hiring, deployment and development strategies.