Assessment and AoL Conference

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March 13​ – 14​
New York, New York, USA
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Assessment and AoL Conference
Assurance of Learning Seminar I (New York)
Assessment and AoL Conference
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Join us for a welcome message from the Conference Chairs followed by the opening keynote session. In the keynote session New York University’s Vice Provost for AI and Technology in Education Clay Shirky will share how artificial intelligence is impacting the landscape of higher education. Shirky will share his experience in how AI is impacting the assessment and assurance of learning processes for learners and faculty and possible future impacts to consider.
Clay Shirky
Vice Provost for AI and Technology in Education
New York University
This session will provide an overview of the different stages of the AoL process. Learn how to identify your AoL goals, choose the right assessment methods, and collect and analyze data. Attendees will gain a better understanding of not only the starting point in an AoL journey, but also guidance on mid-cycle revisions in the AoL process.
Anna Malczyk
Academic Manager
University of Cape Town
Dione Davis
Director of AoL
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Connect with peers over lunch.
In this session two institutions will share how they’ve created a culture of continuous improvement by ensuring proper training and data accessibility to all stakeholders, especially faculty. Attendees will learn how to integrate AoL into existing quality assurance programs and how to leverage data to highlight trends, make decisions, and gain leadership support.
Gemma Elizabeth Metcalfe-Glasgow
Quality Enhancement and Assurance Manager
University of Glasgow
Patrick McGurk
Associate Dean Education
Queen Mary University of London
The session will begin with an explanation of how indirect measures are an important part of assessing learning for colleges and business schools. Information on what data is collected and the tools used to collect the data will be shared, along with several examples of how the data is shared with key stakeholders. Learn about an institution’s unique approach that goes beyond the classroom and traditional metrics, while integrating societal impact, diversity & equity initiatives, and lifelong learning into student success through the activities of student organizations.
Kent Seaver
Director of Academic Operations
The University of Texas at Dallas
Tamra S. Connor
Associate Professor
Illinois State University
In this session, groups of participants working together will draft and propose answers to common and critical Peer Review Team questions about their AOL process. Polling technology will be utilized to capture participants’ ideas and answers to these questions in real time. The most frequent answers will be highlighted and discussed. Then, a panel of Peer Review Team members will discuss these questions and their optimal answers, helping give participants insight into what PRT’s are looking for and what they consider to be key AOL documentation schools should provide. Participants will also be given the opportunity to ask panelists questions about assurance of learning during a panel discussion.
Anthony Devine
Director of Learning and Teaching, Adam Smith Business School
University of Glasgow
Karen Ann Tarnoff
Associate Dean for Assessment and International Programs, College of Business and Technology
East Tennessee State University
Barbara Ritter
Jacksonville University
Joyce A. Strawser
Member of AACSB Board of Directors, Dean, Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University
Suzanne Mintz
Vice President of Accreditation
AACSB International
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This session introduces TASK™ – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge – a groundbreaking assessment by Sulitest designed to transform education by setting a new standard for sustainability knowledge. Based on extensive research on sustainability and psychometrics, TASK™ provide a robust, reliable, and comparable measure of sustainability knowledge leading to a certificate. It provides relevant data and metrics for assessing the effectiveness of educational interventions on knowledge development; understanding levels of sustainability knowledge across an organization or school to inform curriculum redesign; and external reporting for accreditations, rankings, and other stakeholders.
Florent Deisting
Director of Societal Transition
TBS Education
Jean-Christophe Carteron
It has been 20 years since the 2003 Standards were set and the original assurance of learning concepts and expectations were released. In this session, AoL experts will discuss the changes we’ve seen in AoL over the years since then and how those changes have guided our practices today. Learn what’s on the horizon for AoL and what trends will guide best practices moving forward.
Björn K.I. Kjellander
Director, Quality and Accreditation
Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University
Ingrid Kirschning Albers
Professor, School of Engineering
Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Kathryn Martell
Professor of Management
Central Washington University
Suzanne Mintz
Vice President of Accreditation
AACSB International
This session tackles the crucial need for a "change agent mindset" in Assurance of Learning (AoL). Discover how a lack of this mindset hinders progress and learn effective communication and collaboration techniques to overcome it. Participants will gain an understanding of AoL principles and best practices, enabling them to contribute effectively to their institution’s AoL initiatives. Moreover, attendees will foster improved communication and collaboration skills, becoming empowered to take on leadership roles as AoL stewards and catalyzing positive transformations within their educational institutions.
Heather Staples
Director of Academic Assessment and Associate Professor of Practice
The University of Texas at San Antonio
In this session, an institution will share how they moved to a new competency-based approach to drive their AoL strategy and processes in response to meeting the changing expectations of national and international accreditation authorities. Being under the scope of 6 different national and international accreditation bodies, the school decided to move to a competency-based approach. Learn challenges the school was faced with, how they overcame obstacles, and how your institution can consider a new approach to your AoL processes to better align with your institution's mission and strategy.
Sandra Rmadi
Head of AOL
Ecole de Management Leonard de Vinci, De Vinci Higher Education
This session explores how an institution effectively uses indirect measures to gather stakeholder feedback and improve its BBA program. Learn how they used this data to enhance curriculum, develop a measure inventory, and compare with peers to optimize their assessment process. Participants will have the opportunity to begin creating their own indirect measure inventory and gain valuable insights for continuous program improvement. Participants will also compare their inventory with fellow participants to identify opportunities for improvement to their measure portfolios and their assurance of learning processes. The incorporation of the indirect measure inventory and other means of providing documentation as part of the accreditation reporting process will also be discussed.
Karen Ann Tarnoff
Associate Dean for Assessment and International Programs, College of Business and Technology
East Tennessee State University
Matthew Jenkins
Assistant Professor of Management
East Tennessee State University
Michelle Freeman
Assoc Professor, Accountancy
East Tennessee State University
Join this session to hear how two institutions have found that technology helps them engage faculty and streamline the AoL process in different ways. One institution will share how technology such as Qualtrics and Tableau has assisted them in the curriculum mapping process. Understand how technology was used from the data collection stage to the creation of high-impact graphics that helped faculty, Department Heads, and Assessment Committees view their learning objectives across the curriculum. Another institution will share how they use Power BI and Microsoft Excel to ensure collaboration with various stakeholders in AoL processes. Learn how they developed budget-friendly online dashboards for tracking assessment progress and displaying results.
Leslie Frederick
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Washington and Lee University
Ranida Harris
Professor and AoL Coordinator
Indiana University Southeast
In light of continuous improvement, the University of St. Gallen refreshed its AoL processes and in a pilot project, added an AoL layer on top of the gamified learning app 'Brian'. This session will provide an overview of the school's updated AoL processes and how the learning app ‘Brian’ can be used to provide useful AoL data while reducing the burden on faculty and program administrators.
Adam W. Thomas
Accreditation and Quality Manager
University of St.Gallen