AI and Analytics Conference

This engaging virtual conference will expand your network and deliver emerging best practices that light the way to the future of business education. 
December 5​ – 7​, 2022
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Join us for a welcome message from Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, President & CEO of AACSB International, and Saby Mitra, Dean at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business, followed by the opening keynote session with Julian Birkinshaw. As a leading authority on disruption and renewal, Julian Birkinshaw teaches how to respond to disruptive change in a decisive way. Join Birkinshaw in the opening keynote session as he helps you make sense of the opportunities that AI affords you and shares some insights on how to remain agile enough to compete in the digital era.
Universities continue to explore their role in the metaverse, including delivering programs in the metaverse to broaden their reach and boost student engagement. Join this session to hear how NEOMA Business School is currently implementing virtual reality into the learner experience and how they’ve grown their virtual campus.
As the volume of data increases and becomes more easily accessible, organizations are finding it challenging to identify legal and ethical boundaries. Explore the challenges posed by technological innovation and how to develop privacy protections, ethical norms, and workable business practices. Gain insight to best practices and how to stay up to date on policies in the US and globally.
The question as to the possibility of using AI in the classroom has been put to rest by the introduction of a series of AI tools in schools. AI has found a way to assist with grading and assessments, expanding the learner experience through virtual realities, and even offer tutoring to learners. Join this discussion to hear how your peers are leveraging AI in the classroom and the possibilities on the horizon.
Innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence is very resource-intensive and often needs strong financial backing. AI research is funded both publicly and privately, but how do you get part of the pie? This session will share insight into various funding models and options that exist in both federal and private sectors.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are relatively new, powerful, and rapidly evolving fields that hold great promise as well as great risk. How are we to develop innovative solutions at the confluence of complex problem spaces such as these that mitigate risk and maximize benefit? This question is central to the concept of Tech Stewardship, which aims to support individuals and groups to successfully navigate these types of tensions. In this session we explore the application of Tech Stewardship through the development of an ESG optimization product under development by a startup company, ESG.AI.
Academia is a place for students to learn and discover the fundamentals of computer science and industry is a place to put the fundamentals into practice which results in real value to society. However, there are opportunities for both cultures to benefit from each other as collaboration increases to advance AI and machine learning. This session will share insight into how to identify collaborations that are the right fit.
How can business schools remain competitive in the development of business analytics programs when technology is changing faster than ever before and support their graduates in being professionally competitive? This session will share the value of business schools developing a business analytics program and how to do so in a way that will keep your program relevant, even in changing times. Learn what skills programs need to teach so that learners gain a practical understanding of how to use the business analytics process to harness the power of big data to gain actionable business insights, as well as how to set themselves up for career success. Presenters will share aspects to keep in mind in program development, including diversity considerations.
Join this session to hear how schools are implementing trending areas of blockchain, fintech, and cryptocurrency into their curriculum.
Join this session to learn how existing and developing technologies fundamentally change the way employment decisions are made and how business schools can better prepare their learners for the candidate selection process. Presenters will share insight into what promising hiring practices are, how AI is being used in employment decisions, and considerations to algorithmic fairness. Learners who understand the technology shift in the HR world will be better equipped for the job search process.
Today’s business schools are under increasing pressure to address some of the most challenging and complex problems including climate change, poverty, food insecurity, violence, public health epidemics and education gaps. Both business schools and business organizations have much to contribute to these fights, yet it’s a daunting task to address these issues when there isn’t a clear-cut solution or ways to measure success or failure. But what if the answers we needed were right in front of us, we just needed to do a bit of digging? This keynote session will focus on the potential of AI and digital insights in solving these global issues and how partnerships between business schools and businesses can help expedite the application of AI in saving the world.