Discover insights we have gained from AACSB accreditation visits over the past academic year.
2023 State of Accreditation Report
Transition to Six Year Continuous Improvement Review Cycle

Effective beginning with visits July 1, 2026, the continuous improvement review cycle will transition from a five-year to a six-year period. Learn More

Specialized accreditation for business and accounting programs at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level.
Business Accreditation
Schools that have earned AACSB business accreditation demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence in teaching, research, curriculum development, and learner success.
Accounting Accreditation
Schools that have earned AACSB’s supplemental accounting accreditation have not only earned AACSB business accreditation but have gone through an additional process to affirm that their accounting programs are meeting the highest standard of quality.
What It Means
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to upholding and advancing the highest quality programs
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to businesses to develop the talent they are looking to hire today and in the future
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of curriculum and learning material to students' field of study and to today's workforce
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Societal Impact
focus on global prosperity and creating impactful leaders
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in the highest-caliber faculty, leading-edge courses, and innovative programs
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Continuous Improvement
framework for constant measurement of success
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Through a rigorous peer-review process, AACSB accreditation ensures that business schools meet the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, curriculum, and learner success.
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