Business Accreditation Policy Committee (BAPC)


The Business Accreditation Policy Committee (BAPC) fulfills seven primary roles:

  • Determines policies, processes and practices specific to business accreditation not otherwise designated in the Policy Governance Manual.
  • Engages thought leaders from the Innovation Committee and the Business Practices Advisory Council in advancing accreditation.
  • Recommends changes in the business accreditation standards to the board.
  • Authorizes changes in the business eligibility criteria, accreditation standards interpretive material, and accreditation processes related to accreditation and quality assurance services.
  • Annually reviews the accreditation complaint log.
  • Coordinates the work of the business accreditation operating committees (Continuous Improvement Review Committee, Accounting Accreditation Committee, and Initial Accreditation Committee).
  • Works with the Accounting Accreditation Policy Committee (AAPC) to ensure that both BAPC and AAPC activities and policies are coordinated, synergistic, and consistent.


The BAPC consists of up to 15 members and is composed of the following individuals:

  • BAPC chair position is held by the immediate past board chair, or in the event the Immediate past board chair is unable to serve, the person designated by the current board chair and endorsed by the board of directors.
  • AACSB board chair, who serves as BAPC vice chair.
  • AACSB board vice chair-chair elect.
  • Chair and vice chairs of the Initial Accreditation Committee.
  • Chair and vice chair of the Continuous Improvement Review Committee.
  • Chair and vice chair of the Accounting Accreditation Policy Committee.
  • Additional members appointed by the vice chair-chair elect (who shall preside as board chair during the year for which the appointments are made).
  • The composition of the BAPC reflects AACSB’s regional representation as well as its commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.


McRae C. Banks, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Vice Chair

Alexander J. Triantis, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School


Barry Burgan, Bond University
Scott A. Dawson, University of Colorado Denver
Tracey Golden, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants
Yvonne L. Hinson, American Accounting Association
Sherif H. Kamel, The American University in Cairo
Paul Kofman, University of Melbourne
Susan E. Lehrman, Rowan University
Sylvia Maxfield, Providence College
Joseph M. Phillips, Seattle University
Marc Rubin, Miami University
Joyce A. Strawser, Seton Hall University
Steef van de Velde, Rotterdam School of Management

Ex Officio

Lily Bi, AACSB International

Staff Liaison

Stephanie Bryant ([email protected])
Suzanne Mintz ([email protected])