AACSB COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response and Updates

This webpage will be updated as new information becomes available. To view programming or delivery changes for a specific event, visit aacsb.edu/events. Event registrants will be notified by email if there are any changes to a scheduled event.

Update 8: March 27, 2020—Message From CEO Tom Robinson

AACSB's president and CEO, Tom Robinson, addresses global membership about impacts of COVID-19 and how we are working to stay connected, think innovatively, and act responsibly during this time of unprecedented uncertainty and change.



Archived Updates

To continue to provide resources for business educators worldwide, we will be delivering the 2020 International Conference and Annual Meeting virtually. Now more than ever it is important that AACSB continues to connect, innovate, and learn together with members. Though we cannot meet members in person this year, we plan to provide a highly interactive virtual conference experience in April. In addition to delivering ICAM online, we are working quickly to bring members virtual learning classrooms that will provide greater access to learning and development opportunities and quality improvement resources. For more information, view the frequently asked questions about learning and development digital offerings.

  • All in-person AACSB conferences and seminars are canceled through June 30, 2020. We are currently investigating virtual options for ICAM. As a connector and convener, AACSB is committed to providing a safe, online environment where our members can continue to connect, learn, and grow.
  • The Learning and Development team is developing virtual classroom options for high-demand seminars, which will closely replicate the experience and interactivity of in-person events. This will be especially important for our colleagues with travel restrictions from around the world. Members will be notified as new digital programs become available or can visit aacsb.edu/events/digital-learning to learn more.
  • The vote for the proposed new AACSB business accreditation standards has been postponed until we can bring members together at a future event in 2021. As a global organization, we believe it’s important to have full representation of our accreditation council present for this important and historic vote.
  • To ensure the safety of our volunteers, AACSB’s Accreditation team is offering virtual visits as an option to schools and is rescheduling peer review team visits for after June 30, 2020. Any future changes will be communicated directly to each school by our accreditation staff.

AACSB has canceled the following conference and seminars:

  • Assessment and Impact Conference: March 19–21, 2020, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Assurance of Learning Seminar I: March 18–19, 2020, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Assurance of Learning Seminar II: March 22–23, 2020, Houston, Texas, USA

AACSB issued a brief email survey to assess the impact of the virus on member schools around the world. AACSB is aware of school closures, travel restrictions, shifts to virtual learning, and impacts to enrollments, and this survey will help inform how AACSB can best support its members.

AACSB is also assessing in-person events, including ICAM 2020, and developing contingency plans, virtual classroom options, and webinar opportunities. Currently, there are no changes to Learning and Development events beyond the cancellation of the Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (June 1–3, 2020) and the Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop (June 4, 2020) in Singapore.

AACSB announced that, due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus in the region, the Annual Accreditation Conference: Asia Pacific (June 1–3, 2020) and the Faculty Standards and Tables Workshop (June 4, 2020) in Singapore have been canceled. All remaining in-person events are anticipated to continue as scheduled. AACSB is exploring the development of virtual classrooms to support individuals who are unable to travel. Please visit aacsb.edu/events to view programming or delivery changes for a specific event. Event registrants will be notified by email if there are any changes to a scheduled event.

In response to the global implications of COVID-19, the AACSB leadership team has assembled an Incident Response Team to develop short- and long-term plans to ensure the safety of its staff, volunteers, and members, and to provide contingency plans and risk assessments to ensure the continued operations of AACSB around the world. The team is proactively identifying key issues that might impact the regions or functional areas.

As COVID-19 began impacting institutions around the world, AACSB issued the following statement to its members:

AACSB sends its thoughts and concerns to our members worldwide who are experiencing impacts of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Our first concern is for the safety and well-being of those directly affected by this virus, and we send our best wishes for recovery and good health. We know that travel disruptions and other measures will also affect the operations of your schools, including enrollments, and we know that each of you is well equipped to guide your institution through this crisis. AACSB is committed to providing a safe environment for event participants, staff, and volunteers traveling on behalf of the organization. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and the guidance provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other sources.

In response to this guidance, we are adjusting some peer review team visits for schools directly impacted. Adjustments may include rescheduled or virtual visits, and each school affected will be contacted directly by our accreditation staff.

For Learning and Development opportunities, there are currently no changes to AACSB conferences and seminars scheduled in the coming months through June 2020; however, we will inform members immediately if there are any changes to our in-person event schedule as we continue to monitor the virus. Currently we are working on registration cancellations for members who are unable to attend events due to restrictions or who prefer not to travel at this time.

The AACSB Business Education Alliance embraces the diversity of our members and the global communities we serve. The mobility of students, faculty, and staff at schools throughout the world only enhances the impact of business education. We will remain resilient in our commitment to be inclusive and serve our members in person and virtually around the world.

About AACSB: Established in 1916, AACSB International (AACSB) is the world’s largest business education alliance, connecting educators, learners, and business to create the next generation of great leaders. With a presence in more than 100 countries and territories, AACSB fosters engagement, accelerates innovation, and amplifies impact in business education. Learn how AACSB is transforming business education for a better society at aacsb.edu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

View a personal message from AACSB's chief accreditation officer, Stephanie Bryant, on how AACSB is addressing COVID-19-related accreditation concerns among schools.

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