Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing nominees solicited from the membership, and selecting the slate of candidates for all open AACSB Officer and Director positions being present for election in January of each year.


The Nominating Committee is composed of the Board Chair (who serves as Nominating Committee Vice Chair), Board Vice Chair-Chair Elect, and Immediate Past Board Chair (who serves as Nominating Committee Chair), plus six other members. The six shall be appointed by the Vice Chair-Chair Elect (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made) and shall come from the membership at large. The composition of the Committee should reflect AACSB’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Committee Chair

Nancy A. Bagranoff, University of Richmond

Committee Vice Chair (and Board Chair)

Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, Santa Clara University


McRae C. Banks, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Nick van Dam,, McKinsey & Company
John A. Elliott, University of Connecticut
Kazuo Ichijo, Hitotsubashi University
Alicia J. Jackson, Albany State University
Susan McTiernan, Roger Williams University
Sergey Myasoedov, Institute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow)

Staff Liaison

Pat Moser, Vice President, Governance and Special Projects, AACSB International