Executive Committee


The Executive Committee advises the Chair and President and CEO on matters pertaining to the Board’s business and staff operations. Between meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee may act on behalf of the entire Board if the full Board’s participation is not feasible or warranted.


The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, Vice Chair-Chair Elect, Immediate Past Chair, President and CEO, Secretary-Treasurer and up to three additional Directors appointed by the Vice Chair-Chair Elect (who shall preside as Board Chair during the year for which the appointments are made). Committee members may serve a maximum of three, one-year terms, which may run consecutively. The composition of the Committee should reflect AACSB’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, Santa Clara University

Vice Chair-Chair Elect

John A. Elliott, University of Connecticut


Enase Felicia Okonedo, Lagos Business School

President and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas R. Robinson, AACSB International


Shaun L. Budnik, KPMG
Linda U. Hadley, Columbus State University 
Jikyeong Kang, Asian Institute of Management 
Idalene Kesner, Indiana University Bloomington/Indianapolis

Staff Liaison

Pat Moser, Vice President, Governance and Special Projects, AACSB International