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Leadership Through Innovation in Experiential Education

AACSB-accredited schools are engaging with business practice to provide students with the skills required to be successful in business. Get to Know the Programs and Centers in the Spotlight
Entrepreneurship isn’t a buzzword—it’s a mindset. A passion. An instinctual drive that blends visionary, creative thinking with a bit of bravery—all while embracing risk in the pursuit of great reward. Around the world and across disciplines, students are seeking dynamic and challenging environments to take their ideas to the next level—while finding ways to leverage entrepreneurship to create a better world.

AACSB’s commitment to encouraging innovation and impact with the business community was the catalyst for the Entrepreneurship Spotlight Challenge. Honorees in the spotlight demonstrate leadership in creating (and incubating) cutting-edge business innovations through enriched student learning and experiential education.

Meet the Review Panel

The best examples of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity were reviewed by leaders in business and industry. Meet the Panel
For questions related to the entrepreneurship spotlight challenge, contact us at comm@aacsb.edu.