Why You Should Hire Beta Gamma Sigma Alumni

Christina Carosella, CEO of business school honor society Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS), discusses how companies can benefit from hiring BGS graduates.


Christina Carosella: [00:04] Hiring managers should look for BGS members as candidates for their jobs, for a couple of reasons. One is a BGS member comes from an AACSB-accredited school. Our members are the top 10 percent of those top 5 percent of schools around the world, and that's a pretty impressive baseline, [laughs] if that's where you're starting.

[00:37] Then you take into consideration the leadership opportunities that they build while they're BGS members in the collegiate community, and the dedication to service that so many of them exhibit through community projects.

[00:48] I've been so amazed at the stories of our students, with those who have already started businesses while they're in school, several who have started non profits, the stories of their determination and dedication to get an education and that they just never stop.

[01:06] They're high achievers, and they're so smart. If you start with that baseline, and you add in all those other components of who they are as people, who wouldn't want to hire them?

[01:17] It would be a dream of mine if recruiters of hiring companies only went after AACSB-accredited schools, [laughs] because that means then they're also going after BGS members. We have one company in particular, GEICO. They came to our first Global Leadership Summit.

[01:34] They interviewed a group of our students, hired 75 percent of the students that they interviewed for their Global Emerging Leaders Program, called me a week later and said, "How can we hire more of your students?"

[01:46] We started partnering with them on some of their recruiting efforts. This year at the Global Leadership Summit, they're bringing a team of people, [laughs] because they want to talk to as many Beta Gamma Sigma students as possible.

[01:58] That's one example, and one that I share with other companies, if they have the ability to do the same kind of thing. We're now seeing with GEICO, they're tracking how our members are performing in roles at GEICO, which is why now they're coming back and saying, "Yes, we want more."

Filmed September 2017 on site at AACSB's Annual Accreditation Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.