Want to Obtain an MBA While Working? A Part-Time MBA Program May Be Right for You

Media Coverage
Monday, November 29, 2021
Fortune: Caryn Beck-Dudley discusses the growth and benefits of part-time MBA programs.


By Rich Griset

If you’re thinking about pursuing an MBA part-time, you’re far from alone. According to AACSB International, a business school accreditor and nonprofit association, 62.2% of current MBA students are in a part-time program.

“They’re hugely popular,” says Caryn L. Beck-Dudley, president and CEO of AACSB International. Fortune’s first-ever ranking of the best part-time programs includes 70 schools, and 46 of the top-ranked full-time business schools offer part-time programs. “More schools have part-time programs, and several schools have actually dropped their full-time programming and just have part-time programs.”

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