A Perspective on Improving Business Education Globally

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Saturday, July 31, 2021
Sabah: Caryn Beck-Dudley discusses what AACSB International is doing and give advice to those researching colleges.


By Ceyda Karaaslan 

"Caryn Beck-Dudley, President and CEO of AACSB International, the world's oldest and most prestigious accreditation provider, which set out to improve the quality of business education in the United States in 1916, spoke to the SABAH Preference Addendum. Dudley made important warnings to the candidates who will make a choice. Emphasizing that major changes have taken place in the world due to the pandemic over the past year, Dudley said, 'Therefore, students applying to universities this year are in a special situation. Business schools are trying to respond to the changing needs of students around the world by offering the programs, formats and degrees that are most adaptable to the changing world.""

(Original article in Turkish)

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