AACSB private seminars are an ideal way to bring learning and development opportunities to your team of 12 or more in a virtual or in-person classroom. Content will be delivered by an expert facilitator on our most popular seminar offerings. 

The most valuable aspects of the private seminar, in my opinion, were the ability to apply AACSB accreditation standards related to faculty and research and empower faculty to contribute to and achieve our school's mission and strategic objectives. I found that answering questions and walking us through the standards helped us understand them better.

—Dr. Wanamina Bostan Ali (a.k.a NANA)
Assistant Dean 
Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Available Seminars
Cover the 2018 accounting accreditation standards, including requirements such as criteria for faculty qualifications and Assurance of Learning (AoL).
Build and refine your competency goals (learning goals), learning objectives, and rubrics.
Examine innovative approaches to measuring, reporting, and closing the loop in your assessment program and interpret your collected AoL data
Create an effective plan of action for your school and learn what’s important and expected at each stage of the accreditation process. 
Designed for accredited schools transitioning from the 2013 Standards to the 2020 Standards at the next review. Schools will learn how to get started on addressing the major changes in the 2020 Standards and prepare early to undergo a successful continuous improvement review visit. This seminar is particularly useful for schools planning their first Continuous Improvement Review after initial accreditation.
Prepare for the CIR process from the first year of the cycle to the CIR visit, including documentation, application, and tables.
Gain actionable insights on completing the AACSB tables (3-1, 3-2, and 8-1). Faculty resources, including sufficient and qualified faculty, are crucial elements of a successful business school and an important part of AACSB Accreditation under the 2020 accreditation standards.
This seminar is for schools that have just been invited by the initial accreditation committee to apply for a peer review team visit. This seminar is designed to help the school prepare for the final stage of their initial accreditation journey and plan for a successful visit.
Learn how your school can fulfil the requirements of AACSB’s 2020 business accreditation standards in the area of societal impact. In an engaging, facilitated discussion, identify each AACSB accreditation standard that incorporates societal impact and engage in activities that will help you select a focus area and generate ideas for measuring impact.
Develop or iterate on a strategic plan that operationalizes and energizes your staff around your school's mission and vision.