Africa Conference

Empowering Future Business Leaders
July 25​ – 26​
Pretoria, South Africa
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Africa Conference
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This workshop is of real value to business schools who are considering or have already decided to enter the AACSB accreditation process. It provides participants with a clear understanding of the requirements of AACSB accreditation, the journey itself and how to complete the initial steps that will launch a school towards accreditation. With a mix of group work, discussion and exercises this workshop will leave a school well placed to decide whether it wants to pursue accreditation and, if it does, how to get the journey underway successfully. Separate registration and fee required. Click here to learn more!
Geoff Perry
EVP, Global Chief Membership Officer and Managing Director Asia Pacific
AACSB International
As the global population surpasses eight billion, sub-Saharan Africa's population is set to double by 2050, driving increased consumption and economic activity. Yet, we are exceeding six of nine planetary boundaries, highlighting the urgency of our situation. Geopolitical tensions and growing social inequalities compound these challenges, creating a 'permacrisis'—a complex network of interconnected global crises revealing systemic failures across environmental, economic, and cultural dimensions. Join this session to engage in roundtable discussions with your peers to explore how business and management educators can foster profound systemic reforms. Discussions’ focus will be on co-creation and collaboration that transcends boundaries and egos, addressing these global challenges with actionable solutions and a renewed commitment to social and environmental justice.
John North
Managing Director
Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
Olayinka David-West
Associate Dean
Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University
According to the World Economic Forum, by 2035, more young Africans will enter the global workforce than the rest of the world combined, presenting unprecedented opportunities for innovation and progress. Through strategic investments in education, technology, and entrepreneurship, Africa's youth have the potential to reshape the continent's economic landscape. With projections indicating Africa's pivotal role in the world economy, this session examines how business schools can lead the charge in shaping the next generation of leaders, innovators, and contributors to the global workforce.
Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu
Dean, Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
University of Pretoria
Judy Dlamini
Non-Executive Director at the SA SME Fund, and Chancellor
University of the Witwatersrand
Sherif H. Kamel
Vice Chair-Chair Elect of AACSB Board of Directors, Dean, School of Business
The American University - Cairo
African countries are lagging in reaching their SDGs by 2030. Explore innovative approaches to education for sustainable development, focusing on how educators in Africa can effectively cultivate sustainability leadership, environmental stewardship, and inclusive economy systems. Discover strategies for integrating sustainability into curricula and fostering research and innovation for a more sustainable future that embraces the unique challenges and opportunities of the continent.
Hanane El Kouari
Associate Director, International Relations
IESEG School of Management
David Mathuva
Associate Dean, Academics and Student Affairs, Business School
Strathmore University
Yasmine SY SARR
Academic Director, Strategic Development and Quality Assurance Director
Groupe Sup de Co Dakar
This session will highlight the effective use of case studies as a pedagogical tool in business education, focusing on the process of case study development and its application in teaching. Speakers will cover the creation process—from research to publication—and demonstrate how case studies effectively link theory to practice. Learn how these tools engage students, foster critical thinking, and enhance learning in both undergraduate and graduate settings.
Engy Magdy
Director of El Khazindar Center for Business Research and Case Center
The American University - Cairo
This project focuses on mapping out essential competencies needed by African graduates to thrive in the rapidly evolving job market, influenced significantly by technological advancements. Our approach starts with a comprehensive quantitative review of global competencies, followed by thematic qualitative analyses via focus groups in South African universities, expanding to incorporate international academic perspectives. This study involves collaboration with multiple universities.  
Sean Kruger
Center for the Future of Work
University of Pretoria
Explore innovative approaches to curriculum design and program structure (including online learning) that respond to the evolving demands of the workforce across the continent. Discover how to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in diverse industries and navigate the complexities of the future job market. Speakers will share strategies for integrating emerging technologies, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting lifelong learning.
Madiha Ferjani
Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives, Accreditations Manager, Mediterranean School of Business
SMU - South Mediterranean University
This informal Q&A session is an opportunity to bring questions related to your institution’s AACSB accreditation visit. Whether you are entering the initial accreditation process or have a continuous improvement review visit coming up, we invite you to join us.
Geoff Perry
EVP, Global Chief Membership Officer and Managing Director Asia Pacific
AACSB International
Ralph Palliam
Dean of College of Business and Economics
American University of Kuwait
Speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs across the continent, from navigating diverse markets to fostering innovation amidst local dynamics. Join this session to discover strategies for preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs while equipping business students with culturally relevant skills and insights for economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.
Bonang Mohale
Chancellor, Johannesburg Business School and Professor of Practice
University of the Free State
Jon Foster-Pedley
Board Chair
Association of African Business Schools
How can we use generative AI to transform Africa for the better? With 43% of Africans (approximately 600 million people), lacking access to electricity—most of them in sub-Saharan Africa—the potential for AI to drive improvements in infrastructure is immense. Speakers will discuss strategies to integrate generative AI into various sectors such as environmental monitoring, energy efficiency, climate change mitigation, sustainable agriculture, urban planning, and healthcare. Discover how cutting-edge technology can empower students to use AI for societal good, focusing on enhancing accessibility and quality of life across the continent.
Yetunde Anibaba
Senior Lecturer and Accreditation Director
Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University
Explore the role of partnerships between African business schools and various external stakeholders, including the public sector and local communities. Discover how these alliances drive impactful research, create sustainable solutions, and foster economic development across the continent. Speakers will share insights on cultivating effective collaborations, maximizing mutual benefits, and leveraging collective expertise for sustainable growth and prosperity in Africa.
Saad Laraqui
Director of Research
ESCA Ecole de Management
Ahmed M. Abdel-Meguid
Professor of Accounting & Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
The American University - Cairo
Lorena Zanelli
Director of International Relations
IESEG School of Management
Natasha Winkler-Titus
Local Chair of the Africa Academy of Management and Faculty
Stellenbosch University
Join this session for a discussion on the growth and transformative impact of FinTech in Africa, exploring key trends, challenges, and opportunities within the sector. Speakers will share how FinTech is shaping financial services, contributing to economic development, and how business schools are incorporating FinTech in their programs.
Catherine Duggan
Dean, Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town
Justice Nyigmah Bawole
Dean, Business School
University of Ghana
This session will focus on the role of startups in innovation and economic growth across Africa.
Morris Mthombeni
Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria
Morris Mthombeni
Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria