Thought Leadership and Research Impact Seminar (Barcelona) SOLD OUT

Develop a model to advance your school’s mission through the creation of impactful research and thought leadership.
February 23
Barcelona, Spain
Event Type
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Introduction to Thought Leadership:
  • Definition
  • Examples
  • Requirements of Standard 8
Identifying Area(s) of Thought Leadership:
  • Business School Context, Mission, and Strategic Plan
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Importance of Clarity
  • Identify and justify two possible areas of thought leadership
  • What are possible challenges associated with each of these?
  • Reflection moment: thought leadership within your school
Why Does Impact Matter:
  • Overview of the impact agenda in HE and business schools
  • Focus: academic and non-academic
  • Trends and examples - RBBM, FT, AACSB exemplars
  • Scholarly metrics
  • All metrics
  • Societal impact approaches
The Model Has Seven Steps: Mission, Focus for SI research, Stakeholders, Research topics/questions, Research output, Communication, Outcomes and Impact.
The host school on each campus is keen to have their situation used and has provided information for us to create this (20 mins breakout and 20 mins feedback).
  • Identify and justify a focus area for societal impact research
  • List the stakeholders associated with that focus area