Societal Impact Conference: Leaders Accelerating Change

Building the Leadership Skills and Partnerships Needed for Positive Societal Change: Join Us in New York City
October 24​ – 25​
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Societal Impact Conference: Leaders Accelerating Change
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To ensure a positive and sustainable future we need to go deep and change the systems, rather than provide temporary band-aids. Systemic change will require each of us to transform, along with our institutions, communities, and structures that govern society. This session will allow us to collectively pause, re-imagine our world, explore the societal challenges facing organizations, and consider how systemic change can be implemented across sectors. Panelists will explore the specific changes needed in order to solve pressing global issues and transform organizations towards a brighter and sustainable future.
More businesses are facing pressure from consumers, investors, and employees to prioritize purpose over profit. Business leaders are expected to use their voice to influence policy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and solve the world’s biggest challenges. Join this session to hear from business leaders and learn what systemic and operational changes are happening in the business community. Business leaders will discuss how their organizations are transforming their models to put purpose at the core of their strategy and address societal and environmental issues.
Learn how business schools can become the catalysts for change and develop leaders and partnerships to collectively make positive impact. B-schools must be committed to solving problems affecting not just business, but humanity as a whole. Join this session to hear what systemic changes are needed in business schools in order to change the value proposition of business education. How can business schools redefine “business” and shift its focus from profit to purpose?
The growing magnitude and complexity of socioeconomic problems that face societies globally has generated the urgency for cross-sector collaboration to emerge. In this session, hear from not-for-profit organizations and NGOs to learn what kind of changes they are facing in their organizations, including funding, governance, and collaboration issues, as they push for economic and social development.
What does it mean for humanity to thrive in the 21st century? Doughnut Economics explores the way of thinking needed to get us to a place where everyone can thrive in our economy. Join this session to hear examples of communities and cities that are doughnut economies in practice. Panelists will share how they have implemented the Doughnut, obstacles they have faced, collaborations created along the way, and examples of transformation to positive change in their communities.
Today’s generation of college students are concerned about the environment, sustainability, social justice. They want to attend schools and work for organizations aligned to their values. Join this session to hear from students, and what drives their school and employer selection.
Business leaders, social entrepreneurs, business schools, non-profits, and governments need to come together and create partnerships to mobilize the ideas, plans and resources in order to solve the global challenges. Hear from Jean Oelwang, the founding CEO of Virgin Unite and author of Partnering (2022), as she explores what drives impactful partnerships. Jean will be joined by business partners who will share successful examples of collective problem solving.
Join this interactive session to learn best practices for creating impactful partnerships in order to solve societal problems.
Business strategists must reevaluate the skills and behaviors of their organization’s talent, knowing that leaders at all levels need to be societal impact leaders who can adapt, thrive, and lead their organizations into the future. By training our people in what it takes to be effective societal impact leaders, we can put organizations on a track to achieve their missions. This session will explore the competencies needed to develop the societal business leaders who will address the burning global challenges.