AACSB accreditation

Business Accreditation

Earning AACSB accreditation signifies a business school’s commitment to strategic management, learner success, thought leadership, and societal impact.

Continuous Improvement Review

Business Accreditation

The AACSB continuous improvement review (CIR) process is conducted every five years and creates an ongoing focus of continuous improvement. This signals that an AACSB-accredited institution has documented continuous improvements in support of its stated mission and strategic management plan to sustain AACSB accreditation status.

On July 1, two years prior to the continuous improvement review, each institution is asked to submit a CIR application to initiate the continuous improvement review process.

No later than 60 days prior to the peer review team visit, a CIR report should be submitted via myAccreditation. The CIR report is intended to be organized around the themes of the business accreditation standards—engagement, innovation, and impact. as well as the four focus areas of the 2013 standards and the three focus areas of the 2020 standards.

Documents should be completed, saved, and submitted via myAccreditation by the predetermined due dates. If you have any questions, contact your AACSB accreditation staff liaison.

For accounting accreditation, please see accounting-specific CIR documents.

2020 Required Documentation

Visits scheduled July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024:
The May 2023 version advises the Covid addendum is no longer required.

The September 2023 version advises:

  • The Tables may be uploaded to myAccreditation as PDF or Excel documents.
    • New Excel Table templates are under the Tables section below.
    • Recommended when not submitting vendor generated tables.
  • Schools should upload their Risk Analysis document in myAccreditation.
    • For 2023-24 visits, the Risk Analysis should be included either in the Strategic Plan, under the Addendum tab, or uploaded under the Risk Analysis requirement.
    • For 2024-25 visits and beyond, the Risk Analysis is required as an upload under the Risk Analysis requirement.
    • Risk Analysis Template

2020 Continuous Improvement Review Outline and Guidelines

2020 Required Documentation
Table 2-1 (Excel)
Table 3-1 (Excel)
Table 3-2 (Excel)
Table 8-1 (Excel)


2020 Optional Documentation
Table 5-1 (Excel)
Table 9-1 (Excel)