Asia University

# of Students in the Business School
The College of Management will be recognized as one of the preeminent private business schools in Taiwan. Our primary goal is to encourage faculty and students in areas of innovation, excellence in teaching, research, and service. Our students will be capable of responding to a changing environment in an ethical, professional and sustainable manner.

We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs and a wide range of concentrations in both. Although AsiaUniversity is the youngest among higher education institutions in Taiwan, it was ranked as No.1 newly established university in recent evaluation by a non-profit organization in Taiwan.
The College of Management is committed to internationalism and to training students to be global managers or leaders. We appreciate cultural diversity and welcome all kinds of international collaboration such as student and faculty exchanges which broaden our students' global perspective.

Main Campus
Asia University
College of Management
No. 500, Liufeng Road
Wufeng District
Taichung City
413305 , Taiwan
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