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The Future of Business Is Digital

Recognition Year(s): 2023
School: UniSA Business, University of South Australia
Location: Australia

UniSA has joined forces with global consulting and technology powerhouse Accenture to create an online Bachelor of Digital Business that provides high-level business and digital skills and focuses on real-world industry experiences.

Lan Snell, MBA Director and Dean of Programs, UniSA Business School, University of South Australia

Call to Action

A partnership between UniSA and New York-listed company, Accenture, has given rise to the creation of an Innovation Academy in Digital Business. The academy combines the best of Accenture’s global practices and expertise with UniSA’s leadership in transformative, industry-informed business education and research.

Beginning in 2022, the Innovation Academy delivered a custom, innovative curriculum, as well as training programs, drawing on the skills and expertise of Accenture’s global workforce and UniSA’s established position in online education. Together, the partnership will help address known and emerging skills gaps and enhance productivity in Australia’s strategic growth areas.

The academy’s first offering was a Bachelor of Digital Business—a hybrid degree that combines business and IT expertise. The program was designed and custom built leveraging real-world Accenture material and case studies.

The second offering of the academy will focus on upskilling and reskilling established workforces in leading-edge digital business practices. Focused on the intersection between technology and business, the professional development component of the academy will offer real-time, academically moderated, practical upskilling programs featuring tailored digital business training modules. Built around UniSA’s innovative Q-Credit assessment system, academy learners will graduate with recognized tertiary qualifications and in-demand credentials.

Innovation Details

The Bachelor of Digital Business takes students beyond the basics. UniSA is rewriting the study model by transforming the provision of business education and digital skills in a unique undergraduate online degree program focused on real-world industry learning experiences.

Strong growth in the industry is expected, with the Australian Government Labour Market Portal projecting 14.9 percent growth for management and organizational analysts, and 28 percent growth for information and communication technology business and systems analysts through to 2025. With these increases will come strong demand for graduates with high-level business and digital skills across a wide range of job roles and industry sectors.

UniSA students will study a holistic combination of digital and business skills that allow them to embrace and implement the latest digital technologies. They will understand how current and emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are revolutionizing the way we do business. All final-year students are invited to participate in the highly sought-after graduate recruitment program at Accenture.

Innovation Impact

Digital disruption is transforming business, and business graduates who know how to harness innovative technology to stay at the forefront of change are in high demand. The Bachelor of Digital Business combines business and IT to provide a comprehensive understanding of the crucial role technology plays in strategic business operations, and how to use it to its full potential. By partnering with the industry and recruiting nationally and internationally recognized expertise in both digital business and digital learning, we are investing in our graduates’ digital future.

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