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With a theme of sci-tech innovation aligned with FDSM’s latest strategy, an original hybrid program with rich components of cutting-edge theory and practice is conducted by Fudan University and Tel Aviv University, reshaping MBA students’ global vision and innovative business insights.

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The sudden outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 brought great challenges to the international exchange and cooperation of Fudan School of Management (FDSM). We needed to identify an alternative platform for our MBA students to broaden their international horizons when overseas exchange activities were hindered due to lockdowns, as international exchange has always been one of the important elements of Fudan MBA programs. But online courses alone could not meet the program’s curriculum objectives or students’ learning expectations, because not only are the contents thin, but students would lack the interactive experience and corporate visits so critical to the course. Therefore, offline courses and corporate visits within Shanghai were incorporated to make the course format richer and more diversified.  

Additionally, FDSM launched a new strategy for sci-tech innovation education that is designed to closely integrate management education with science and innovation practices. To execute on this strategy, FDSM co-launched Strategic Mindset and Innovation—The Israeli Experience with Tel Aviv University, an innovative hybrid program that combined online and offline components and balanced theory and practice. 


The course took place over two weekends at the end of May 2021. Online courses were offered by Tel Aviv University and involved analysis of Israeli entrepreneurial ecology and globalization strategy from cutting-edge perspectives, such as block chain, artificial intelligence, big data, financial technology, and cyber security. Components designed and organized by FDSM included offline courses and sharing of expertise from Israeli entrepreneurs located in China. Students also participated in a series of field visits to high-tech Israeli enterprises in Suzhou, China and were required to present a case study in groups to analyze these enterprises and their Chinese partners from four perspectives: corporate culture, leadership, corporate strategy, and marketing. 


  • Stimulate innovative thinking through discussions on the Chinese and Israeli development strategies in the frontier fields of science, technology, and innovation in combination with FDSM’s sci-tech innovation strategy. 
  • Encourage our students to think in multiple dimensions, and learn through actions by introducing new pedagogies of online and offline sessions, theoretical and practical content of learning, field visits, and practical case studies. 
  • Create opportunities for interaction and the exchange of ideas between students and alumni of Fudan MBA, Asia MBA, Fudan-HKU MBA, and Fudan-BI MBA programs, and provide venues for the multidimensional thinking among participants from diverse experiences and professional backgrounds.  


Subsequent program evaluation showed that the majority of students found the course arrangements to be diverse and engaging. Ninety-three percent of students said the courses were far more effective than expected, and 96 percent found the experience to be very rewarding.  

The program brought together Chinese and Israeli professors, scholars, entrepreneurs, and students of different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences to engage in dialogue via online and offline classes while drawing on each other’s strengths and broadening each other’s horizons. The program offered a hybrid learning format and included contents from both macro and micro perspectives that have enabled them to deepen their understanding of Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation through practical experience.  

Finally, this program provides valuable guidance for Fudan MBA programs to further advance the international component of management education. To keep up with the global pace, FDSM will continue to promote sci-tech innovation strategy and strengthen innovation consciousness among faculty and students. FDSM will continue to develop similar creative and inclusive programs and courses with global vision and frontier business trends, and help students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences. 

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