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QTEM Masters Network

Recognition Year(s): 2017
School: Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Location: Belgium

Innovation Statement

Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management created the QTEM Masters Network of outstanding academic institutions and international corporations to help students develop global leadership skills while leveraging analytical and quantitative techniques in their decision-making processes.

Call to Action

Four main motivations, guided by Solvay’s mission and vision, led the school to create the QTEM Masters Network and develop it further with its partners:

  • Match the demand with talent: First, the QTEM aims to match the demand for talent with strong analytical and quantitative skills. Indeed, globalization and the emergence of the digital and big data era requires advanced quantitative skills to contribute to improved decision-making in all managerial and economic domains.

  • Internationalize its strategy: Second, the school wants to expand globally its century-long strategic positioning. The school has a highly successful tradition of generating leaders in their fields through focusing on quantitative techniques, requiring an international exposure, and being highly connected with its business and socioeconomic environment. QTEM allows deployment of a similar strategy around the globe.

  • Exploit complementarities: Third, the QTEM network exploits complementarities between academic and corporate partners. Participants are stimulated to select highly specialized courses available at QTEM partners while being exchange students. They are also encouraged to exchange knowledge with industrial partners, through internships or joint research projects.

  • each partner’s visibility: Fourth, the school and its partners aim to strengthen global visibility by creating the leading global network of business schools and multinational corporations. The network has ambitious objectives in terms of rankings and expansions with new, high-quality academic and industrial partners.Strengthe


The QTEM mission is to develop skills in analytical and quantitative techniques and decision-making in an international context by bringing together outstanding students, academic institutions, and international corporations.

exam. Then, students must choose between various options for their global exposure: different exchange programs, quantitative courses, and internships with corporate partners. All QTEM graduates have been exposed to at least three countries and cultures. Academic partners must be leading institutions in their home country, with strong internal visibility. ® The QTEM Masters Network was created by five founding partners in Brussels in September 2012. The network is demanding for all its stakeholders: students, academic partners, and corporate partners. Students must first be selected based on three main criteria: academic excellence, challenging interviews with corporate partners, and a minimum 650 score on the GMAT

Each institution has to recruit and select top students and ensure their programs permit one or two exchanges and one internship during their Masters. Corporate partners contribute to fund the network and are expected to submit challenging internship proposals and job offers. All stakeholders are included in the governance of the network.


Since its creation, QTEM has had a clear vision, which is to “become the leading, globally-recognized network of internationally-experienced and analytically-trained decision-makers.”

The ultimate objective of the network is to graduate up to 600 students per year who effectively contribute to improved decision-making in the corporate and institutional world, thanks to their outstanding analytical skills, adapted to the new paradigm of the digital enterprise. The network intends to become a center of excellence for business analytics and for quantitative techniques.

QTEM students, thanks to their training and international experience, will benefit from improved job opportunities on the global job market. Once successfully developed on the American continent, the network will start funding PhD candidates and creative knowledge-sharing projects.

As of October 2016, the rapidly growing network includes 19 academic partners, 13 corporate partners, and over 160 students and alumni across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

As a whole, the QTEM Masters Network fulfills each of the drivers for engagement and innovation:

  • Engaging a Diverse Community—The QTEM network is global and welcomes a truly diverse community, including diverse religions and ethnicities. Members come from several Asia-Pacific countries, North Africa, Europe, and North America. It aims to grow in Latin America and the U.S.

  • Engagement Across Disciplines—The QTEM network precisely aims to leverage complementarities across institutions, with a strong emphasis of analytical techniques applied to all managerial disciplines.

  • Engagement With Business—The QTEM network involves corporate partners, who are part of the governance of the network and have access to the students (interns or recruitment). Corporate partners also share their knowledge with the students.

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