Influential Leaders

Hawa Dramé

Founder, Time2Start
Recognition Year(s): 2023
Area of Impact: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
School: ESCP Business School
Location: France

Hawa Dramé is an entrepreneur and the founder of the incubator, Time2Start (T2S). She is committed to improving inclusivity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting up-and-coming innovators from disadvantaged communities. Through T2S, and as a member of LinkedIn Changemakers, Dramé is a dedicated voice in support of equal opportunity for every person.

Above all, Dramé aims to provide more inclusive and personalized support for anyone wishing to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. Through T2S’s various programs, Dramé responds to the needs of various entrepreneurial profiles, focusing her actions on those from disadvantaged areas. T2S’s impact is a result of the customized support it provides entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to define their own careers.

T2S acts in favor of employment in the least-privileged territories. Founded to support individuals unfamiliar with the entrepreneurship world, T2S works to establish itself in local neighborhoods and encourage networking within communities. It seeks to uncover the potential and talents of these populations through a free support program, networking opportunities, coaching, and dedicated mentors. The incubator’s goal is to guide entrepreneurs from the early stages of an idea to its establishment and, finally, to its success. Since its founding, Time2Start has supported 245 projects, financed 90 entrepreneurs, and accompanied 179 individuals along their entrepreneurial journeys.

In addition to holding a degree in digital technology, Dramé graduated from ESCP Business School’s Master in Management program with a specialization in social entrepreneurship. These experiences have helped her understand entrepreneurship’s many facets, leading Dramé to redefine the field through a more inclusive lens. She applies her education to both run her business and employ the tools necessary to make entrepreneurship more accessible to those who are a part of the incubator.

T2S has created several support tools that allow maximum reach to potential entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur academy is a complete program that guides those starting out through interaction with professionals and provides collective and individual support. This support includes co-development workshops, interventions by experts, and guidance from business coaches and mentors on project launch. To enhance existing skills and allow access to entrepreneurship for all, T2S created Pose Ton Idée (Put Down Your Idea). Pose Ton Idée is a pitch competition that takes place in the heart of urban neighborhoods and gives project leaders an opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of a jury of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Dramé inspires future business leaders through T2S and the various positions she fulfills in her business community. She is a member of the equal opportunity collective L'Ascenseur and a member of its board of directors, president of Fepda, and a member of a Fondation de France committee designated to act against discrimination.

In 2020, Dramé and T2S were selected to join ESCP’s incubator, the Blue Factory, and completed the its SEED program in 2021. Dramé was selected that same year to partake in an advertising and media campaign as part of the LinkedIn Changemakers program. In this role, she speaks out in favor of equality and fights against discrimination. She is a frequent speaker at conferences on inclusive entrepreneurship, often expressing her support of women from underpriviledged backgrounds.

Ever the entrepreneur, Dramé is a harbinger of new ideas. She is passionate about aiding in the economic development of disadvantaged territories and creating ecosystems of excellence, particularly in enterprise.