Karimjonov Rustam

Deputy Minister of Public Education,
Ministry of Public Education, Uzbekistan

Honoree Year: 2021

Alma Mater:

SolBridge International School of Business

South Korea

Area of Impact:

Public Service or Military


Rustam Karimjonov has been involved in the development and management of numerous improvements in the public education sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Most notably, he led the introduction and coordination of modern information technologies and vocational guidance systems for students throughout the country.

Recently appointed as a deputy minister of public education, Karimjonov has negotiated public-private partnerships with stakeholders such as Uzbekistan’s cabinet of ministers, local governments, and citizen councils to provide greater access to information through technology. Now more than 6,500 secondary schools and 426,000 Uzbek students and their teachers have broadband internet access and the wide variety of educational resources it provides.

The new technology also has streamlined and improved the admission process for institutions and students. In addition, the ministry of public education now offers vocational guidance and thousands of training courses from the world’s leading higher education institutions, thanks to the initiatives that Karimjonov has helped develop, implement, and maintain.

The environment in which Karimjonov works demands quality communication skills, a keen sense of social responsibility for local cultures, and international awareness. Innovation defines the central purpose of Karimjonov’s leadership, and there is no question that he has taken advantage of his MBA education from SolBridge International School of Business.

Karimjonov’s training in management information system and entrepreneurship helped prepared him to develop policies and procedures that target national benchmarks, comply with legal requirements, and advance the programs he directs. Through strategic planning, he successfully assesses the effectiveness of his structural improvements and manages a complex budget, including funding from foreign loans and grants. Furthermore, he applies his analytical experience to conduct research and prepare action plans to optimize operations.

Karimjonov oversees the design of instructional materials and the quality of training being done at schools to ensure the implementation of best practices in information technology. In accordance with Uzbekistan’s modernization reforms, Karimjonov also ensures the localization of every proposal for the restructuring of the educational system.

Karimjonov intrinsically serves to educate and inspire as a leadership role model and an example of how a business degree can benefit the needs of a developing nation. Beyond this, the information and communications technology improvements that Karimjonov oversees are transforming the way future business leaders in Uzbekistan are preparing for their careers. They now have access to online vocational guidance, training courses, and entrepreneurship modules that teach soft skills, the basics of organizational design for startups, and information about loans and finance. In addition, Karimjonov has helped introduce 3,800 training courses on the Coursera educational platform and has ensured that the service is free to teachers and students.

The country’s educational reforms emphasize career tracks in the curricula, and students can now assess their career options through online tests and training exercises. The technological advances and expanded career guidance and educational opportunities certainly are beneficial for business leadership and development in Uzbekistan. The younger generation is empowered to discover new opportunities no matter their individual career choices.


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